Hardcore Ass Party

December 17th, 2008

OMG, I saw something totally brutal last night. I love the sex parties my friends throw- we are totally sex positive and aren’t shy with each other in the least. I think it bonds our community together to make love together. But this one was different.

It was never like this before, but there were so many people into ass play there. At least four guys had their girlfriends or a new friend strap on a dildo and do them. Watching a woman strap on a nice dong and do a guy in the ass is hot enough, but a few of these people were pros! One guy insisted on a woman using a seriously giant dildo on him. It was pretty scary to think about even taking it vaginally. It was the first time she ever did use a strap-on on a guy, so she was nervous already, before the issue of the giant thing between her legs! Anyway, it looks like they both enjoyed it.

There was also a serious Wonder Woman who also loved it that way. I was busy getting fucked too, but we took a little break & we got an eyeful of what was happening. She kept getting bigger & bigger things up there – a couple of different dildos, a big anal vibrator, her boyfriend’s cock, and finally a fist
more than once!! This was extreme, people.

Giving Something Special to Someone Special

December 17th, 2008

I’m going to chime in with my 2 cents…buy a rabbit! I can’t imagine the sex toy novice that won’t be won over by that toy. Get her a rabbit and she will definitely keep a warm place for you in her heart forever. I personally like the Fukuoko Twist-n-shout Rabbit. I’ll be honest, I do have rabbit style vibrators that are a little quieter than this one (if your lady has roommates maybe something to keep in mind?) but it makes up for the slightly louder noise by being the single best sex toy I own.

It’s water proof, which opens up an entire new world of aquatic play for both of you. It is incredibly durable. Mine gets a lot of play time and I have never had a problem with it. I have had a lot of other vibrators (rabbit vibrators and non-rabbits) that I didn’t use nearly as often they ended up wearing out on me. And it is phthalate free, which is something I’m very concerned about when it comes to something I put inside my body.

Erotic Poetry #2

December 17th, 2008

The constant creaking of the floor below
Reminds me that someone still wakes,
Walking beneath me, beneath my secret anticipation.
No thought of prying ears holds me from me.
No, not tonight.
The vibrations call me—I rise from my covers, naked,
Grab the first battery-filled plastic companion
That my horny hand can reach.

Ignoring the call of any silent dong,
I take the whirring vibrator back with me.
No sooner than am I back beneath the blanket,
It is inside my pussy. It has been aching.
Aching for the big pounding, wet
Like the tongue of a panting creature
In the impossible summer.

I push it deeper in me, beads spinning,
Rabbit’s ears use my clit to lean against
As though they would stop their shaking.
Thank God they keep on. I am pounding,
Vibrator holds me rapt, every intention, bit
Of attention on my clitoral buildup,
My filled-up center.
Faster. I press down, in, along its full-length beckoning
Of my flowing desire. I become
A desperate heavy breather, calling out the names of gods
And strangers, freeze-frame fantasies.
I am suddenly quiet. Roomie still awake one floor down.
Too late for shyness.

My cum washes away everything – the day, the fear, the angst,
The way I wonder what will be with my new love tomorrow.
I don’t care. I moan, the rabbit beats me,
vibrations flow deep, hot, and brutal.
I thrust. Wave crashes. Tide subsides.

Money may not buy love.
Money did buy me this hot ritual,
One I will perform again
And again.

Katalina D. Harrison

Looking for Mister Good Dong

December 17th, 2008

After my last relationship, I decided to take a break. For the next year, I decided I was through with the mind games of men. However, I was in no mood to deny myself the glorious pleasures of sexual enjoyment. In fact, I was intent upon discovering more sexual joy than any man had shown me. So thus was my quest— I set out to seek Mr. Good Dong.

My first stop was the “risqué” store I always passed when walking to work. I had never been in this particular place before, and I was mesmerized by the plethora of long, thin vibrators, short rubber vibrators, dongs that looked human, and even vibrating dongs that looked like they had rabbits attached. I was overwhelmed. After a second similar experience at another store a couple days later, I settled on surfing the internet where one can take one’s own sweet time to shop.

Being in the market to buy the perfect dildo was a bit like searching for the right boyfriend – it needed to be a good fit. After all, it was going to be my close companion. I would come home after work and peruse the web, sometimes getting pretty excited in the process. Finally, I saw “him.” “He” was called a cinnamon cyberskin cyber cock(!), but I immediately decided to call him Simon.

Simon is a good 7 inches, and feels just perfect inside me. We do it morning and night and he always hits the spot. Occasionally when I’m in a mischievous mood, I’ll tell the girls at work I have a hot date with Simon that night. They have no idea!

Discreet Vibes Let You Still Have Fun, Even With a Roommate In the House

December 17th, 2008

As most any Postal Service employee can tell you, a real sign of the current economic situation is that people are moving in together more and more. If you suddenly find yourself with a roommate, you might also suddenly find that your sex life is suffering. Many people fear that their roommates will hear their vibrators buzzing, and stop using them for fear of embarrassment. Well have no fear, quiet vibes are here!

Many ladies love their rabbit vibes, but the Jack Rabbit can be a bit too noisy when you’re trying to be discreet. When the roommate moves in, get yourself a Silicone Impulse Snow Bunny right away. Not only will you love the quiet motor, but the quality is exceptional, and speed options and rows of rotating will have you stifling moans.

Doc Johnson has G-Spot lovers covered in quiet with the discreet Silent Vibrations Pearl White G-Spotter. This little doozy packs a vibrating wallop with multiple speeds, and is so quiet the only give away will be the smile it puts on your face.

For personal play or partner play that is quiet, powerful, and designed to go anywhere, try the Impulse Bunny Arouser. It’s a bullet-style vibe that comes with a brilliant little rabbit sleeve. Designed to be used on the clitoris, or in any orifice, the Impulse Bunny is sure to please.

What kind of Vibration do I like?

December 17th, 2008

I don’t think this is an easy question to answer. I mean, it depends on my mood. That’s why I love my Beyond 2000 QX6! It has four speed options, plus you can control the rotation speed too. Sometimes I want to go nice and slow and take my time, and sometimes I just want to cum now! This baby does that and everything in between.

I do have to say that I was a bit daunted by the price, and the controls are a bit hefty and took me a little while to get used to (but I got to practice, practice, practice!). I’m so glad my husband encouraged me to spend the money, though. I’ve been very happy with the quality (and have the impression that this thing will never give out), and my husband loves to turn it up on me and hear me scream with pleasure!

How to Use the Fun Factory Share Penetrator

December 17th, 2008

The Fun Factory Share Penetrator is a type of double dong that offers a way for both partners to be penetrated, hands-free. A great way to use it is for the woman to get on top, while the man lies prostrate. Insert the long end of the Share into the vagina, and the fatter end into the man’s rectum. This position also allows for the man’s penis to penetrate the woman’s ass. This position puts the woman very much in control and all the pleasure! Many users comment that the Share offers the added bonus of giving the woman quite a Kegel workout.

Another great position to use the Share with, is again, the man lying down, though this time with his legs dangling over the edge of the bed. The woman then stands at the bed. With the Share inserted into her vagina, the woman can then insert the other end of the Share into the man’s ass, and give him a good fucking without using a harness. Don’t forget the water-based lube!
If you are worried about bacteria or STD’s when using the share, simply put condoms on each end. Used with a good, water-based lube, the Share is fun and safe for many positions.

I love my new Sexercise Ball

December 17th, 2008

Ladies (and gents too!), I really just have to share. I work from home and get no exercise. A friend had recommended that I get an exercise ball and use it to sit on while I’m working at my computer. She swears by hers and claims that she has much better posture and stronger abdominal muscles from sitting on a giant ball all day.

I decided to try it out and had seen the Sexerciseball on the Tabu website a couple months ago when I was shopping for a new rabbit vibe. So I thought, well my friend has stronger abs and better posture from her exercise ball– maybe the Sexerciseball will do all that for me and a little more! I bought this baby a few weeks ago, and OMG, I love it!

I have it set up at my desk so I can use it as a chair like my friend suggested– it’s totally discreet and nobody who has seen it knows about its little secret! But on those long, lonely evenings when my husband is working late at the office and I’m working late at home (we don’t have kids), I screw in either my rabbit vibe attachment, or my Micka butt plug attachment and suddenly I’m happy to be working at my desk! I’m looking forward to getting the other attachments and have already asked for them for Christmas. I know people are always posting on here asking about what is good, and I really recommend the Sexerciseball.

Love Your Dildos and Vibrators, and They Will Love You Back– Proper Care of Dildos and Vibes

December 17th, 2008

Dildos and vibrators need regular cleaning between every use in order to maintain the materials and prevent bacterial growth. But many sex toys don’t come with care instructions when you buy them — so just how do you best care for your private friends?

For both dildos and vibrators, cleaning by hand under hot water after every use is very important. You should usa an antibacterial soap– most liquid soaps will do the trick. Make sure you dry them well with a clean towel before putting them away. Leaving them wet in the case or drawer can encourage bacterial growth.

For silicone dildos that do not use batteries, you can boil them for a few minutes in a large pot. Do not use the boiling method for anything that uses batteries, such as vibrators, as submerging the electronic and mechanical parts in water will ruin your toys. The Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bag offers safe storage for your sex toys, while inhibiting bacterial, yeast, and mold growth– a must-have accessory to keep your pleasure investments clean and safe.

If you enjoy sharing your sex toys with your partner, it is recommended that you clean them before sharing. If running to the sink to wash toys with soap and water kills the mood, Afterglow antibacterial wipes will clean and refresh your toys, and kill bacteria. Afterglow toy wipes are a great way to help keep your toys clean when you just want to roll over and go to sleep after sex, too. Just keep the wipes handy and wipe down your toys, then you can wash them with soap and water the next day.

Eventually, even the best-made sex toys will begin to degrade and need replacing. When you wash your toys is the perfect time to do inspections. If the rubber or silicone has cracks, the toy should be tossed and replaced. Cracks and crevices in the material make great breeding grounds for bacteria – and nobody wants to see the doctor because they caught an infection from their sex toys.

Melted Sex Toy

December 17th, 2008

I had this problem with a cyberskin dildo and a silicone vibrator that were next to each other in a bedside drawer. I became really paranoid that it was because I hadn’t cleaned them properly and that something in the lube had broken them down. Then I started to wonder if maybe I hadn’t been doing a good cleaning job on my other vibrators and dildos. Yikes! As you can imagine I had a good couple of days of soaking and washing. I even went through my lingerie drawer and hand washed everything in the Perky Panties Lingerie Wash . . . okay, maybe that was just because I was in a dry spell and was hoping the pheromones would help me get lucky!

End result, after my cleaning fetish subsided, I started to think more about how I stored my toys. For a while after cleaning, I put them back in their original packages and tucked them away. But that took up a LOT of space and it was a little bit of a mood killer when I brought them out to play. Someone really needs to tell these sex toy companies that the cheesy stuff they put on the packaging might be great for a novelty gift at a Bachelorette party but it’s a little silly for us hardcore sex toy lovers. I have since switched to the Sugar Sak Anti-bacterial Toy Bag. I have a whole collection of them to keep my toys separate, they don’t take up any more room than the toys themselves, I like idea of the invisible antibacterial shield, and they come in a very girly pink that I don’t have any reason to be embarrassed about when I pull them out of the drawer.