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Hank Alvarez

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This would be closely related to my post on women using their teeth, judiciously, when they're going down on their man. Now lets reverse the situation. I've had enough tits in my mouth to know that no two are the same. One lady I knew liked me to bite down so hard that they were bruised afterward but that's part of how she got off. But when she kept saying, "Harder, harder, harder," it was pretty difficult not to comply her wishes. A, "Ooh, that's good," was the signal to ease up. There were others who just wanted them licked and suckled, 'gently.' My point is that we have thirty-two bones in our mouthes that are capable of giving incredible pleasure to our lovers. Nibbling and biting doesn't have to be painful unless you want it that way. Have any of you experimented with this? And if you did what were your results? HHH

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I have only been with one woman and she prefers the more gentle approach (licking and gentle sucking). Hers are quite sensitive and it doesn't take much for them to respond and stand up proudly.
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