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A couple of times we tried some anal play with my wife when I tried inserting a small butt plug in her ass. It was hard and did not really work so we stopped. But we want to try again. My question is this: since relaxing is such a big part of being able to insert a plug, would it help if I bring her to orgasm first? Would this help her relax more so that after she cums, it would be easier for me to insert a plug in her? Thx

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Hi Beginner,

Many women find anal penetration much more comfortable if they are aroused first. Try a little foreplay beforehand (like oral sex) to get her juices flowing. Then, try lightly teasing her anus with a high-quality lubricant. When you do try your plug, you might find that it helps to let her control the penetration, so just hold it firmly in your hand and let her bear down on it at her own pace.

If it's still uncomfortable, you might consider using a smaller anal plug.

Bottoms up!

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I feel like any activity that arouses you and relaxes you is a boon for anal play, but the anus doesn't lubricate like the vagina if that's the thought process you've got going on. So, lube, lube, lube!
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