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Okay so I recently got one of the butt plugs on this site, some boy butter and lube shooters. And just a few minutes ago I  tried them out and I guess I got really deep with the plug and when I pulled it out I could feel a weird chunk near the opening of my anus (if that makes sense) and checked and out came a hard piece of feces on my finger. It was so gross, I threw it away of course and cleaned my toys and washed my hands after using the restroom but I never expreienced that the few other times I tried anal masturbation with toys it didn't happen but now my worst nightmare came true. Has anyone else had this problem while having anal sex or masturbation?

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When you play with the anus, shit happens. HEh. That's life. Use a condom or perhaps anal douche before hand.. but life goes on.

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I alwas take a good enema befor a little anal play <> butt when playing with the back door things like this happen ( all is fair in love and war lol ) 
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