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 Have you (or your partner) ever tried a Female Condom?
 yup - didn't work well 1 100%
 yes and still do! 0 0%
 never knew they existed 0 0%
 no thanks 0 0%
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Tabu Toypro

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We probably learned about female condoms in eighth-grade health class, but did you do anything with the knowledge that they exist? A new study published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that women who were placed in an experimental four-session female condom skills training intervention were much more likely to use them, but there was no reduction in male condom use. What gives?

So, have you ever tried a female condom?

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Me and my boyfriend tried them for novelty once.

Likes: Pretty easy to use and I liked the fact that you could put it on and just wear it as long as you wanted beforehand, unlike a regular condom. I "surprised" my guy underneath a bridge one night and he was thrilled not to have to fumble with a trojan for a change.

Dislikes: They are made of that polythane stuff (at least they were back when we tried them.) They were kind of "crispy." Weren't quite as elastic as latex. ..Its still probably a good bet for people who are latex allergic though.
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