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I was diagnosed with HSV 1 about a month ago.  Since then I started having alot of burning and some pain in one side of my buttocks but can't find any blisters or anything. Is this a full outbreak? Will it get worse? (I'm already on  Zovirax.)

Freaking out.

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Don't freak out Ruca. Over 20% of the population is infected and most don't even know it. I took Valtrex for 2 years and it did help somewhat. Then I started taking 500 mgs of l-lysine every day (its an amino acid you can buy at any drugstore.) I also started taking a course of oregano oil capsules when I had an outbreak and would also break open a capsule directly on the sores if I get an outbreak which has seemed to COMPLETELY make it go into remission. I've been clear for over a year now. Just remember, we're not talking about the oregano that you cook with. You have to go to a health food store and get the concentrated capsules. You'll smell bad for a few days but it actually destroys the virus so its completely worth it.

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My best friend has herpes and she swears by the oregeno oil pills. I think she takes it orally.
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What causes herpes to recur remains a medical mystery. However, there are several internal and external events that can trigger or wake-up the dormant herpes virus. The triggers most commonly associated with recurrent herpes infections involve foods high in arginine (peanuts, chocolate, sunflower seeds), exposure to strong sunlight, alcohol, menstruation, and physical and psychological stress. 

One method to combat an outbreak is to create an alkyline environment where herpes can't proliferate. (The virus grows rapidly in an acidic environment.) The goal is to consume alkaline foods while limiting acidic foods.

Common acid-forming foods to reduce in your diet:

-Soft drinks (1 cola drink can change your Ph balance)
-Most grains, breads & pastas are no-no's. (Best to limit carb intake when you feel an outbreak coming on.)
-Aspartame (found in most diet products) is extremely acid forming
-Coffee (even decaf)
-Peanut Butter
-Corn syrup (a common "hidden" sweetner)

Alkaline-Forming Foods to be used sparingly:
-Fresh lemon juice. (Though it would appear acidic it has a great alkalinizing effect on the body.)
-Bottled water with a Ph of 7.5 or higher (like Fiji.)
-Most vegetables and fruits
-Apple Cider Vinegar
-spices and most seasonings
-Sea Salt
-Whey Protein Powder

And so on...


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Thanks for all your info. I'm going to the health food store TODAY
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