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Here we go: About 8 weeks ago I was in Costa Rica and met a girl in bar. She was young and friendly though now I beleive she may have been a prostitute like many girls are. (She didn't ask me for money but later some of the people that worked there said she did it.)

Anyway, I was drinking and not thinking straight and she was stunning.. we started kissing etc, and masturbating each other back at my hotel. Then things started heating up and as I became aroused I lay on top of her and for a brief moment did the most stupid thing I've ever done in my life... I began rubbing my uncovered penis on her vagina and I let in slide in 2-3 times. I snapped back to reality and when I realized what I was doing I walked to the bathroom and washed my penis off. Then I came back and put on a condom and we did have sex, but there was no contact with body fluids.

Now I am back home and starting to panick. I'm starting to feel "flue-ish" and one of my lymph nodes is very swollen and though I was only inside her for a second I wonder if she could have possibly transmitted HIV to me, through microscopic amounts of blood or fluid? Even if she was not a prostitute I imagine she is pretty promiscuous and has had to have had plenty of contact with other tourists like me. I wonder if I should get tested but I understand that you dont really know for 6 months, plus I'm terrified to even make the appointment. Please help!!!
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Though there is always a risk of STD transmission with any unprotected sex, the possibility for HIV infection with a single episode of vaginal sex is fairly low. Regardless, it's always a good idea to get tested. Modern HIV blood tests are sensitive enough to test the presence of infection by 6-8 weeks so you won't even have to wait. 

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