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Hank Alvarez

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This week on Cherry TV's  'cherry dish' they have a short video clip entitled, "TEETH USE DURING ORAL SEX." I found it interesting for a lot of reasons. At sixty-eight, let's face it, I'm not as sensitive as I was at: thirty or forty or fifty, but I still love my wife's mouth on my cock and what she can do with her teeth just drives me to ecstasy. The ladies in the video clip are torn between the pain and pleasure they can create and of course not wanting to injure their lovers made most seem pretty hesitant. But a few obviously know that judiciously using their teeth when giving their man a BJ can really be wonderful for him. I'm curious as to what you folks think; both the guys and the gals. We should get a variety of responses on this subject depending on your: ages, gender and experience. I know what I like and if you tell me about yours I'll tell you about mine.HHH

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I've always been a little leery of using teeth so I'll have to check this out.
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