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Can a straight man enjoy wearing women's clothing? Most people might have definite assumptions regarding the sexual orientation of a man prancing about in a frilly babydoll. However, many male cross-dressers report they are 100% heterosexual. What's your take on it?

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My wife knows that I dress up. It used to be something I tried to hide, but I finally just had to get real. My urge toward cross dressing is so strong. To my joy, she stuck by me. Once in a while, we play that way together, but most of the time she leaves me to my own devices. I get a wink and a nod when she goes out for ladies’ night, because she pretty much knows I’m going to have a “ladies’ night” of my own.
Over the years, I have collected a whole drawer of my own items. When I know I have all evening, I start out by undressing completely and walking in the house nude for a few minutes before I go to the bedroom to choose clothing. I start out with a pair of my simple cotton panties and I’ll usually pull on a pair of my favorite waist-slimming pantyhose over them. I have several vixen dresses to choose from, but often I’ll slip on my pink, frilly sissy dress. I like to see myself as a little girl more than in the slut role. I’ll spend a little time preening and prancing and sometimes I actually get to put on some makeup before I find myself diving under the covers to rub my big “clit.” I get so excited on nights when I have the time to pleasure myself beyond a quickie in my little panties. One day, I would really like to meet another guy who likes cross dressing, too. Not to have sex with each other, but just to share erotic evenings of dressing up, “girl-to-girl.”

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When a woman walks in and sees me in my lingerie I both fear and relish in the anticipation of her reaction. The tight embrace of the silk stockings against my thighs, the thin pressure of a thong riding the seam of my ass hugging my basket in a satin sling, the crushing pressure of a bustier nearly cracking my ribs and making every breath more painful than the next. Oh I love that moment, when she walks through the door of my bedroom. No matter how much I’ve shared with her before hand or how prepared she claims to be, there’s always an instance of shock at first realization that this is the real thing. It’s not simply a role playing game, or a simple foot fetish type peculiarity, but an entire aspect of my sexuality that cannot be denied. Many women can’t handle it, but I find the ones who I truly make a worthy connection with get past the shock and newness and embrace it, going so far as to take part in strap on fantasies and even from time to time buying me lingerie themselves.

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I am 100% bisexual and enjoy wearing womens clothing as much as I enjoy wearing men's clothing. I think this very much reflects the true duality of my nature.

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I really like the look and feel of pantyose on my skin, as well as high heels and stilletos. The odd thing is that I'm not a transvestite and don't consider myself gay at all. In fact the whole thing seems to be like "femininity worship." I love femininity while not actually bieng feminine myself. Anyway, if anyone understands this or is into it like me I'd love to hear from you.
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