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Just now getting back into the dating scene after a horrible marraige, i plan on getting a toy soon but hope to experience real live sex with a man who knows what hes doing in the near future! the thing is ive never had to worry about condoms before and i am very cautious of stds and want to be as careful as possible. should i make him wear 2 condoms? is this safer?????????
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Hi Dee,

According to numerous health care providers, health educators and condom manufacturing representatives, the overwhelming response is AGAINST the practice of wearing two condoms (although I do remember a time in the early 90's when everyone was doing it.) While there does not yet seem to be any scientific literature to support this stance, it comes from the advice of professionals (including the Centers for Disease Control, OB/GYN doctors and nurse practitioners, and condom manufacturers) who are most knowledgeable in the area of contraception and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention.  Their explanation is that during sex, an excessive amount of friction will occur between the two condoms and increase the likelihood of either, or both, condoms breaking. Yikes.

When worn correctly, one condom is adequate (88%-98% effective) for pregnancy prevention and for protection against some STDs such as HIV/AIDS.  Also, make sure you're using enough lubricant to reduce friction and your risk of condom-breakage.

Good luck on the dating scene!
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