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Before i post want to say sorry bout grammer and spelling i do this on my note pad for iphone and they dont have a spell check.

The southern bell

Annabell walks down the dark dem stare case. She walks slow so she doesnt slip. This southern gal is too high class to take a fall. As she enters the heated room she sees the maids dusting the book cases. She walks across the woden floors to the big out door porch where there is rockers made from the old cypress wood. Behind her soft blue eyes shines the big old moss trees wich cover the wagon trails in soft shade.  She walks down the wooden stairs on the shadded path past the horse stables and past the old wooden barn. She passes the barn keepers and heades straight to the rose garden. Her long dress drags the dirt and she gracefull  follows the path. She enters the garden and closes the long white gate she sneeks around to the back of the climbing red and white  bushes and on the side sits jack where he has been waiting for a hour. He is dusty with the scent of flowers form the keeping of the roses. She sees him and she runs to him and he greets her with a smile. She kisses him and he pulls her long dress up where her bear pussy shows. He grabs her leg and pulls her close. She fondles his belt and pulls at his buttons.  His large cock peeks thew the new opening of his pants. She looks around then she grabs it she stokes the shaft and sucks the head she bends down trying not to dirty her dress. She feels the faint salt taste in her mouth as she sucks. She stands up and turns around while he is stitting and she enters the head of his dick in her wet jucicy pussy while looking at the roses. He moans as her pussy squeezes. He cups her tits as she bounces ontop. Her tits flopping in his hands. He grabs her hair and pulls her neck and he kisses her ears and licks her neck the bites her sofly. She moans and he feels her cumming. Her wet juices slide on his balls. He feels his self growing as the cum flys out he slims her pussy while he moans. He is filling her up. She waits to he finishes then she get up. He gives her a hard kiss and she pulls her dress down. I love u annabell. Im late she replyes he will be looking for me. She walks away back to her path and leaves him siting with extreme  stafaction. Annabell smiles as she walks up the wooden steps of the porch and sees john her husband waiting for her.

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