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I have tried several brands without success and am becoming somewhat frustrated! I am a highly sensitive person (prone to yeast infection) so I have to be extremely diligent about what I use on my body-whether its skin cream, bubble bath, sea salts etc..Unfortunately, this very much applies to personal lubricants. Since dryness became an issue I have used Astroglide, KY and another store-bought brand I can't recall the name of. The result was a mild burning sensation and slightly painful urination afterwards. I'm to the point where I'm ready to throw my hands up but without some kind of supplemental lubrication sex will be too uncomfortable to enjoy! There must be a solution out there but I'm afraid my doctor has been of no help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I have that problem too and my doctor (thank god I have a female one) actually recommended that I use something called "Eros woman." There is a black bottle and a white bottle on the site-you want the white one. I am hyper sensitive to everything that touches my body to the point that I have to use dye-free detergent in my laundry. I've been using Eros for about a year with no irritation.
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Mal, Eros Woman is generally what we recommend for this issue. In the 10 years we've sold it we've never had one bad reaction. Here's a link:

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