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TabuToys Moderator
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Silicone based lubricants: like Eros Classic and Wet Platinum:
-Can have a heavier feel than water-based lubes
-Do not dry out or become tacky
-Stay in place (even under water)
-Do not absorb in the skin (but need to be washed off)
-Are more expensive, but less is required
-Are not compatible with silicone sex toys
-Are condom-compatible

Water-based lubricants: like System JO and Eros Waterbased
-Dry more quickly & may need a spritz of water to "reactivate"
-Flush out of the body, and off the body easier than silicone
-Are compatible with silicone sex toys
-Are condom-compatible
-Are less expensive

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What's wrong with good old fashioned vaseline? nothing gets the ladies hotter than when you scoop something out of a plastic bucket and smear it on them. If it was good enough for my parents its good enough for..uh..

forget I said that.

TabuToys Moderator
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Vaseline is a purified form of the film that was originally found accumulating around pumps at oil wells - Turned on yet? While not considered “toxic”, this congealed petroleum-by-product is kryptonite to latex condoms. Sure, you could counter with the “nothing drives the woman wild like the vague smell of an oil rig” argument, but Vaseline’s high viscosity also tends to increase the potential for yeast infections - Case closed! (And speaking for the ladies, nothing gives us the creeps like a half-used jar of Vaseline on the nightstand.)

Moving on..

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I haven't found anything to last longer than Eros. (not the liquid one but the black-label one that actually comes in a bucket.)

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The best I've found by far is Wet Platinum. DO NOT use KY (Jelly) - This is a terrible lube for sex. It dries out and forms little sticky balls of dried out lube  almost as soon as you apply it. If given a choice of using KY as a lube for sex, or simply abstaining, it would be a tough decision for me. Yes, it's that terrible of a lube. It was originally used as a medical lubricant (prostate exams, enema nozzles, rectal therometers, etc) and not for sex. You can find it at most drug stores, but who would want to?
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If we use lube, Pjur Eros is our favorite.
TabuToys Moderator
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Hands down-Eros is our favorite as well! You can find the entire line right HERE.

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