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I have always been faithful to my wife but I went to a strip club (I know, strike one) and had too many shots. The stripper rubbed her vagina and then before i knew it put her finger in my mouth. I got the fuck out of there and rinsed my mouth out with Listerine when I got home. Now I'm paranoid I might have picked something up and I'm afraid to even kiss my wife.

TabuToys Moderator
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Funny, I've been hearing about STD prevention for years but have never once heard the perils of "stripper finger." Fingering and even mutual masturbation is generally considered low-risk for HIV (even for a $5 table dance) but other STD's may sometimes be transmitted this way, including syphilis, herpes, genital/anal warts and lice/scabies. Before you panic I seriously doubt this very brief contact transmitted anything but shame. Regardless, go ahead and get a full STD evaluation to ease your mind and rule out any possibilities.

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SHIT you never let the stripper put her finger in your mouth. Didn't they teach you that in school?
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