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10 Ways Playboy Can Be Better (According to

Playboy magazine is a sinking ship and has been for a few years, because of their inability to change with the times. Here are a few ways the company could improve.

10. Let your Playboy magazine employees know that they are not better than Playboy employees who work in the video and internet divisions. Yup, it is a fact the company is divided by social strata which is non productive considering that the whole company needs to work as a team since their stock price has fallen so sharply.

9. Stop using MySpace skank types as Playmates and models. Good examples are cheap looking Playmate Spencer Scott. Bring back the all natural girl next door type and get rid of the street hookers. Check out for examples of pretty girls that do not look like used up crackwhores.

8. Publish 6 double issues instead of 12. The monthly interest is not there anymore.

7. Use the Playmates who don’t look like MySpace skanks (pretty Playmates like Monica Leigh, Jordan Monroe, and Lindsay Vuolo) more! Give the Playmates their own reality show, bring back the Playboy DVDs that only featured Playmates (the last one was the 1996 Hot Lips and Hot Legs), and get give Playmates more mainstream visibility. And once again, stop using the street hooker MySpace girls!

6. No one cares about the women Hef is dating. The whole setup is creepy, especially as time goes on and more details about Hef’s sex life with the girls comes out. Do not let daylight in upon magic. People don’t want to hear about how Hef likes anal sex. Hef’s current set of twins are already considered trashy with their criminal records.

5. People are fascinated by life at the Mansion, especially the parties. Capitalize on this interest with a line of Playboy Mansion champagne, party kits, and a Playboy party bus that travels from city to city filled with promo models.

4. Hef has got to go. Period.

3. Quit excessively photoshopping the models in the magazine and on the website. They look like they are made of plastic and people are sometimes unpleasantly surprised by what a model or Playmate really looks like in person, because they looked totally different in the Playboy photos.

2. Start live video feeds of Playboy models when they are shooting layouts. Video feeds of parties at the Mansion would be fabulous too.

1. Start a Playboy branded tube site of nothing but short clips of Playboy content and don’t forget to include archived videos from the 60s,70s, and 80s era.
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I have seen a few Playboy pictures and I love the Girls Next Door. It's not my ideal to be in a relationship with one a much older man and two with extra girls, but at least his girlfriends are hot. Ironically I don't look at the actual magazine, but I'm not a big porn fanatic so I wouldn't to see things get steamier in Playboy.
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