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Here are 13 different ways to use the Silver Bullet: (reposted from Chrystal B on Shine)

1. First and foremost, the Silver Bullet works great alone for masturbation. The statistics say that 90% of women have 95% of their orgasms through clitoral stimulation. This is the perfect toy for that! Also it is a great toy for women to use to train themselves to have multiple orgasms.

2. If you take that logic and apply it to the guys in our lives, men can use it alone for testicle stimulation, too. I am willing to bet there’s also a quite few men out there that also stimulate the head and the shaft with the innocent little Silver Bullet. (We hear from guys with ED that they often use the Silver Bullet for help with ejaculation.)

3. I have heard of women inserting the Silver Bullet for vaginal, anal and G-Spot stimulation.

4. We have had customers share that they like to insert the Silver Bullet before the male partner enters the female partner. (Think of the Silver Bullet going in almost like a tampon and then your male partner enters right behind the bullet.) Once you’re both in and ready, turn on the vibration to spice up vaginal intercourse.

5. One of the most “efficient” ways to use the Silver Bullet is in conjunction with giving Oral Sex to your male partner. If you’re interested in cutting down the time it takes to help your partner climax through Oral Sex, bust out the Silver Bullet. Turn it on low and put the low vibration on his testicles while you’re giving him Oral. I can almost guarantee that it will take a 15 minute ----- and cut it down to about 5 minutes. (Sorry guys. Men do not like to hear the word “efficient” and ----- in the same sentence.)

6. Gentlemen, the same is true for giving her Oral Sex. If you want to be sure she’s had an orgasm, incorporate the Silver Bullet into your Cunnilingus repertoire. (The really small little bullets work great for this type of play.)

7. It’s not for everyone, but many people insert the Silver Bullet into the female partner anally while they are making love or while they are performing oral sex on her. (We recommend you put a condom on it before any anal play that way it’s nice and easy to clean and it’s more easily retrieved.) Imagine the extra vibration you will both feel during intercourse.

8. You probably already know where I am going with this one. Many people insert the Silver Bullet into their male partner’s rectum for anal vibration for the male partner. (I am sure some men do this when they’re alone as well. See Point #2.) The vibration can stimulate the prostate gland – also known as the “A” spot or the “P” spot.

9. Don’t forget the nipples. The Silver Bullet works great for Nipple stimulation on your male partner or female partner. (Some studies have shown you may be able to teach or train yourself to have an orgasm from nipple stimulation.)

10. Use your Silver Bullet in conjunction with a massage. Some of the massage mitts have room for a Silver Bullet in between your hand and the mitt to allow for the bullet inside. Give your partner a little extra zing when you give them their next massage.

11. When you’re having intercourse and you’re on top, put the Silver Bullet on your clitoris between your partner and you so that you can press your clitoris against the bullet while you’re on top. Many orgasms to be had this way!

12. Same holds true for doggy style sex (he reaches around and puts it on your clitoris) or if you get on top “reverse cowgirl” you can hold it between your clitoris and his testicles so you both feel the extra electricity. While you’re lying on your back, hold the Silver Bullet against your clitoris as you have sex missionary style. You get the benefit of a clitoral orgasm while he’s on top. Plus, he feels the extra vibration and it provides a new sensation for both of you.

13. Oops. I almost forgot….keep a Silver Bullet in your glove compartment. Next time you get stuck in traffic or in a snow storm, you’ll have your trusty and reliable Silver Bullet to keep you warm or to reduce your road rage!
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