And in late-breaking "I already knew that" news..

A study on homosexual arousal conducted at the Psychology Department at the University of Georgia may have finally identified the roots of homophobia.

The study was conducted on two groups of excusively heterosexual men, one group admitted to being homophobic, while the other group did not. Only one group exhibited an increase in penile erection when exposed to homosexual stimuli.

Having a hard time guessing which one it is? If you're a conservative lawmaker, you may find the answer perplexing. If you're like most of us, roll your eyes and click here for the entire article.

    "I am so not thinking about penis right now."

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Hank Alvarez
those, S B C F's, (simple backward county fucks), when are they going to learn? Haven't they got anything better to do? HHH
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Yeah, but you can't assume everyone is homophobic is secretly gay.
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