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The 1 st ride

Haven and nell owns a harly. This happly married couple is as opposite as roses are to lillys. Haven is the biker looking type while nell is as prissy as a barbie. Haven is a very experiance rider.  He started riding when he was 15 . He dose all the normal poker rides and joy rides.  Biking is his life. He always wanted nell to ride and she always refused. She has never been on one. Nell is a runway modle. Her nails and hair are her life. how this couple became in love is a mystery that no one could tell. This story teaches the love of his life to trust and let go of all the uptightness and to enjoy freedom and what ever life has to bring. 

"are u ready to ride?" replys haven. Nell sighs hard and thinks of a way to weezle out. "Ummm not yet im havent change my clothes"replys nell. Nell runs in the house to change while haven spit shines his bike. A long 5 mins later nell comes out the house and she is ready to go." Im not sure what to do" replys nell. "Put your foot here and throw your leg across smirks haven." "Then sit, thats all u have to do." Haven gets on and nell is holding on tightly. He Cranks the bike and loud sounds apear all around the bike. Nell thinks to her self that the vibration under her is amazing. Haven pulls out the street and reves it up. Nell starts to fill her pussy juicing up. Her little cheeks turn red with excitement. This fills so good under me. She losen her body and haven smiles. She starts to moan and haven speeds up. She moves her hips back and forth. Rubing her pussy on  the seat. Haven feels her perky breast aganist his back and his dick grows  large in his pants. He know whats going on. he knows her to well . Nell feels her body heat up. She fells her cum slide out her pussy  she has trouble controlling her self and she moans and wiggles her body .  She smiles as the air flows threw her hair, she raises her arms as her body orgasims and she  feels her first freedom. she smiles as he turns in the drive way. Haven helps nell off the bike and she kisses him." thank u i love u can we go again later" replys nell. "Sure thing love bug later sounds good" replys haven and he contiues to shine his bike.
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