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There's a new blog on the block entitled "25 Things About My Sexuality". You can submit your 25 Things and have them posted anonymously. Here are some tasty snippets:

I love it when he and I have phone sex, though, because I can imagine him smaller and more manageable. Also, I'm quite attracted to his mind. He really turns me on over the phone. He has not made me cum in person.

The married guy takes pictures of me giving him head, and I post them online. I love the idea of others looking at our pictures. I enjoy the comments people leave.

I'm this tiny, shy, sexually inexperienced girl-- in most ways, I totally fit the stereotype of the naive ingenue who gets seduced by someone more worldly--but in my fantasies, I'm almost always the dominant one, someone who seduces others, who gets on top.

The way into my pants is through my neck. Touch it, kiss it, brush my hair off it, whatever. My panties will drop like they are hot.

While I identify as straight, I desperately want to seduce a woman. I desperately want to seduce a woman and fuck her in a car. I want to fuck her in a car, and then continue a short-lived affair that eventually involves a strap on because I am obsessed with my strap on.

Now excuse me while I go do some reading! 

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