TRUE STORY (names and locations changed for personal reasons)

7 months pregnant and sex on the brain most women know how this feels but little did i know that this would start my lust for jack.
I was 20 and had been with my partner declan for 4 years. I was only 16 when we first slept together, he was 21. We were friends for a year before i agreed to help him loose his virginity. I was a virgin too and was extreamly shy but, i would pleasure myself up to 20 times a night while havin phone sex with a friend of mine i had met online. I never had the confidence to meet him.
So now in 2009 still with the only man i had ever had sex with i was getting curiouse i wanted to try something new. We had fooled about in the past with a few girls and played with the idea of a 3some with a guy but i never thought my fantacy would come true.
5 days into my 7th month of pregnancy declans cousin, jack, came down to stay. he had recntly split from his long term girlfriend and wanted to spend some time with us. the two of them drank all day and they kept joking about how we were going to have to share the bed then something about a 3some i just brushed it off as a joke.
a little later that day they started talking about condoms, i asked wat they were on about, they said they were deciding what flavour they would use. Again thinking they were pulling my leg i giggled and brushed it off then made a joke about the fact that its not like i can get pregnant.
about 1 am the next morning we were still up listening to music and again they said something about a 3 some. I didnt brsh it off this time i was pretty turned on by the idea, but i was still not sure they wernt messing, so to test them i put on the pornography channel. A 3 some was happening 1 girl 2 guys. jack said to me that is wat we are going to do to u. After a short while i put the music back on i was getting more and more turned on so i went to bed hoping they would follow.
after 10 mins i was getting impatient so i called declan in. I asked him why they didnt follow. he said i wasnt sure if u wanted to do it. Next thing i new he called jack in. i hid under the covers i suddnly found myself extreamly nervouse. dec told me to come up out of the covers, so i summoned the confidence to do it and to my surprise they were both naked, one eather side of me kneeling on the bed. declan told me to get ontop of jack so i did, as i slowly lowered my wet hot pussy down on him, i realised he had a wider shaft than dec. it was a little like my first time again. as i did that dec got behind me and made love to me from behind. i was in my element my dream come true 2 cocks inside me at 20 years of age. jack turned me over and got on top kneeling over me and entering me as i called for dec to kneel up at my head.
i grabbed his cock an slid it in and out of my mouth enjoyin every drop that came from it. then i noticed jack slightly speeding up i realised we had used no protection in a way that turned me on even more he was moving faster and faster then sudenly slowed till nearly stopping and he pushed in deeper and deeper coming inside me and declan comming in my mouth. then jack started to move again and so did dec before i new it they were comming again but as they did i felt an amazing tingle come over my body i orgasmed so hard i had never felt anything like it before. after that we all climbed under the covers to go to sleep.

i couldnt sleep. an hour had past. as i just lay there between two men i felt horny again. i checked if dec was awake hoping for him to sort me out. he wasnt. i turned over trying to just go to sleep and i tryed to forget about it, as i did i realised there were a set of eyes on me. hi i wispered. jack was awake, i asked had he not been asleep, he replied no. next thing i new we were kissing, then he was on top of me and we were going for round 3 but this time as a 2 some. i think dec knew what we were doing but to this day doesnt seem to have minded. so as jack had before he started to speed up i turned over into doggy position to let him in deeper and wow we both writhed and rolled around for nearly 1 hour till jack pushed deep inside me and we orgasmed together. it was increadable he kissed me and rolled off me. we just cuddled up and went to sleeep.
the next day he had to go home and i was a little upset about it.

6 months later jack came down for a visit. it was my birthday and my childs christening. as dec got drunk jack and i spent the evening flirting and touching eachother inconspicuosly, as to say i want u again. that night dec, jack and i stayed in a hotel. dec had had a little too much to drink and fell asleep on the chair so jack and i carried him to bed and then sat back on the sofa to watch tv.
feeling a little tipsey i lay down on jacks lap and told him about our fooling around with girls and that i was bisexual and he told me about this girl he was sleeping with at home and i have to say i got a little jelouse i siyed he ask am i ok i just said i was tired. sudenly my head started to raise and i realised he had gotten hard so i made my excuses and whent to bed as i didnt want to be tempted.

its now 5 months later and we have seen eachother since then i felt a spark but have no idea if he feels the same but i will never know now. his new girlfriend was with him the last time i saw him and she has no idea about our little secret but im sure he remembers and i hope he does because i want to be with him again.

ill post again about my sex sessions with girls
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Tabu Toypro
"20 times a night"? Are you a machine, woman?

Hot story either way but be careful with all of those unprotected cocks! Babies are expensive and some diseases ain't worth the fun.
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no really 20 times i used to be up all night
and i was already pregnant and we knew the other guy very well
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we did it again yey
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sexaddict wrote:

we did it again yey

Care to elaborate?
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