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By David Strovny - Sex Education Correspondent - Every Saturday

Sex and fun go together like hot and dog. So, if sex has been lacking a little luster, if it feels mechanical or if you just want to spice things up for the heck of it, think about new, creative positions. Feel free to give one, two or all of these recommendations the good ol' college try...

1. The Hitch

Description: Male is on all fours facing away from the woman, while she lies on her back with her legs in the air.

Benefits for guys: The best part of this position is that you have total control of how fast, how slow and how rough it goes. Also, because she gets easy access to your backside, anal stimulation is an easy move to throw into the mix, if you'd like.

Benefits for her: This position mostly looks out for her best interest. She can maximize stimulation of the vaginal walls by constricting the muscles in her vagina, or by opening and closing her thighs. It also facilitates the rubbing of your penis against her clitoris and, as if that weren't enough, she gets to lay back and enjoy the view!

2. The Reverse Frog Squat

Description: Male lies on back with legs parted, while she leans back with her legs bent close to her body.

Benefits for guys: This position lets you lay back and relax. Try it after a stressful day at the office or a strenuous workout that makes you way too lazy for lovemaking.

Benefits for her: Not only is she in complete control in this position, but the angle of penetration can be incredibly arousing for her. Equally arousing may be the feeling of the man's hands caressing her back and sides -- a move made simple by this position.

3. The Boston Brute

Description: She lies on her back with her legs extended in the air. With his back facing her, he sits on her thighs, and he carefully bends his penis down toward her vagina.

Benefits for guys: Since positioning the erect penis downward isn't something many men can do, you get the sweet satisfaction of knowing you have an extraordinarily bendable penis. Once you get over that ego-trip, you can enjoy a relaxing lower-back massage during sex.

Benefits for her: The angle of penetration can be stimulating for her, and she also might like the fact that you have the freedom to caress her thighs.

4. The Merry Mandolin

Description: While she lies on her side, bending both knees to her chest, he positions himself behind her, extending one leg behind her back and the other between her legs.

Benefits for guys: The thrusts are shallow, but it allows you a great amount of control. So, go fast, go slow, go crazy! You'll probably also really enjoy the new angle of penetration.

Benefits for her: She'll love the fact that you can reach over and manually stimulate her clitoris at the same.

5. Othello's Back Groove

Description: Guys, balance yourself on a chair with your feet at the corner of the base and your arms holding onto the back. Get her to approach the front of the chair and lean forward with her hands on her knees.

Benefits for guys: While your position might be a little uncomfortable, you do have complete control of the movement and you get a great visual of the action, which is also very arousing.

Benefits for her: As with all the other rear-entry positions, this angle of penetration may be stimulating for her. Also, if you've got the whole balance thing down and you're feeling brave enough to hold on with one hand, she might enjoy some anal stimulation.

What you need to pull this off: Strong arms and legs and great balance. This move reminds me a little of the trust game, where you fall back and pray that the person behind you has high enough moral standards not to let you plummet to the ground. Similarly, she really needs to trust your level of strength because if your arms or legs give out, not only can you hurt yourself, but the "ouch" factor is severely elevated for her.

6. Superhero's Delight

Description: While she grabs the sides of a high stool, he places his hands under her waist and lifts her off the ground. She then wraps her legs around his waist for extra support.

Benefits for guys: Once again, you get complete control of movement, as well as a great view of her backside.

Benefits for her: She lucks out again with the arousing angle of penetration.

What you need to pull this off: Make sure she's light enough to hold into the air, or make sure you're strong enough to support her (whatever her weight may be). We wouldn't want any accidental droppings -- this is supposed to be fun, remember?

7. Zero Gravity

Description: She lies with her shoulders on the chair and her head leaning off the side. He stands upright, supporting her hips with his hands, as her legs are extended onto his shoulders.

Benefits for guys: You're the dominant one in this position, so control the movements as you see fit. Also, because her legs are closed, this might make penetration feel a little more snug than usual.

Benefits for her: If you can support her properly with one arm, she'll love the fact that you can massage her clitoris at the same time.

What you need to pull this off: Make sure she's not easily nauseated. The bobbing upside-down view can start to make her feel uncomfortable.

Sex should be sweaty, steamy and sticky. It should have elements of passion and intensity. It should be a moment of untamed frenzy coupled with unbridled excitement and intimacy...

Sound like a familiar fantasy? While sex is great when it turns into the kind of unbridled passion usually reserved for movies and daytime soap operas, it's not always realistic, nor is it always possible, to achieve. There is, however, one element that's a little more feasible to bring into your lovemaking -- fun.

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