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"What kind of toy should I buy?" That's a popular question, indeed.
Picking the right toy for you requires a little patience and a basic understanding of how sex toys are produced. Here's a quick cheat sheet to help you select the right product and the right lube for your new friend.

[i]Jelly toys: [/u]
What is jelly? Well, if you've purchased more than one sex toy in the last 10 years you probably own a jelly toy. Unlike the stuff you spread on toast, Jelly rubber is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that has softeners (called phthalates) added to it. This comprises 98% of the sex toys market because it is soft, translucent and easy to produce. Most jelly can contain small amounts of latex, so choose a different product if you are one of the 2% that is highly sensitive. If your toy is soft and does not specifically state it is made of silicone or elastomer, it is most likely jelly. Examples of popular jelly toys: The Impulse Jack Rabbit, Butterfly Clitoral Pump, Mr. Softee Pastels, Carmen's Candy Funcocks, The Beginner's Strap-On, Ultra Tech Bargain Beaver, and the Tawny's G-Spot Tickler

There is also a new crop of higher-end jelly toys (like TPR) that does not contain Phthalates. Examples of these would be: Janine's Stellar G-Spot Heaven, The Passion Wave Waterproof, The Absolutely Angelic Baby Blue Bullet, The Expresso Big Cock & Balls Dildo and The Red Hot Vivid Vibe.

Compatible lubricants for jelly toys: Eros Liquid Waterbased, Eros Woman Waterbased, System JO H2O, Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare, and Moist Lube.

[i]Silicone Toys:[/u]
Silicone is an inert, latex-free, non-porous material that features the soft, elastic properties of jelly without the odor or chemical residues. It translates body heat and vibration beautifully as well. So why aren't all toys made of silicone? Price! Therefore, silicone products are typically produced by high-end companies like Fun Factory and Tantus and tend to be more expensive. Many customers find the price to be prohibitive, but with the short lifespan of cheaper toys the durability and quality of silicone products more than makes up for the cost. Examples of popular silicone toys: The Fun Factory Paul & Paulina, Rude Boy Prostate Vibe, Tantus Silicone G-Force Dildo, The Nookii Oooh La La Rabbit, Fun Factory Marble Magnum Dong, The Vibratex Pandora Vibrator and The WE-Vibe.

Compatible lubricants for Silicone toys: Eros Liquid Waterbased, Eros Woman Waterbased, System JO H2O, Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare, and Moist Lube.

This is the hot, new word in sex toy materials. Like silicone, it is hypo-allergenic, extremely elastic and ideal for people with chemical sensitivities. The difference is that elastomer is slightly more porous than silicone and cannot be subjected to extreme temperatures. However, an added bonus is that most elastomers are not damaged by silicone lubricants or oils! Popular elastomer products: The Fun Factory LAYAspot, The Vibratex Starburst, The Vibratex Rock Your World, The Vibratex Satin, The Vibratex Snugglepuss and The 2-Touch Cock Ring.

Compatible lubricants for Elastomer toys: Eros Classic Bodyglide, Wet Platinum, Gun Oil, and Wet Natural Silky Supreme.

[i]Hard plastic Toys:[/u]
Hard plastics are generally inexpensive, won’t react with your skin and won’t absorb body fluids. And because they are not coated with a soft "buffer", the vibrations can be much more intense. However, hard plastics obviously lack the elasticity or real feel of softer materials (though this may not bother some customers.) Examples of popular hard plastic toys: The Pocket Rocket, Naughty Secrets Inner Desire Vibe, The Silent Vibrations Pearl White Vibe, Beyond 2000 Ribbed Bullet, The White Nights Pleasure Kit and Jenna's Velvet G.

Compatible lubricants for Hard Plastic toys: Virtually any oil or lube will do, but here's a list of our favorites..
Eros Woman Bodyglide, Eros Classic Bodyglide and Wet Natural Silky Supreme.

[i]Glass or Pyrex Toys:[/u]
Glass toys are beautiful to behold and artistic in design. Customers may like (or dislike) their heavy feel and hard, slick surface. High quality glass can generally be taken to high or low temperatures for erotic hot/cold fun. With proper care, a glass toy will last forever. Best of all, glass is a 100% green material: No additives, no allergens and absolutely no chemical residues. Examples of popular glass toys: The Don Wand Cobalt, The Pleasure Wand, and the Lil' Lady.

Compatible lubricants for Glass Toys: (Identical to hard plastic.)
Eros Woman Bodyglide, Eros Classic Bodyglide and Wet Natural Silky Supreme.

A space-age combination of latex and silicone, CyberSkin® is unquestionably the most realistic material on the market. Quickly warming to body temperature and mimicking the elasticity and softness of human flesh, CyberSkin® has the amazing look and feel of real skin. This material in its many shapes and forms is a stunning replication of the human composition. And, according to a Greenpeace study it is 100% phthalate free. Drawbacks? It's soft, sexy qualities also make it porous, making it difficult to clean. It does contain small amounts of latex, and while this only affects 2% of the entire population, it can be extremely irritating for sensitive individuals. Also, thousands of lower-quality imitators have flooded the market and there is no guarantee that their products are phthalate free as well. (Instead of "Cyberskin" these products may have a similar name like "Newskin", "Softskin", etc..Just make sure you are purchasing the real thing.) Examples of real Cyberskin products are: The Saturn Cockring, The Cybersex Couples Collection, The Cyberskin Natural Pussy, The Euphoria Vibe and the ever popular Cyber Cock Series.

Compatible lubricants for Cyberskin toys: Eros Liquid Waterbased, Eros Woman Waterbased, System JO H2O, Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare, and Moist Lube.

To keep Cyberskin toys clean and discourage bacteria we also suggest using a good toy cleaner after every use.

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