This is my first ever story, so I love comments, dont be too too harsh lol but any criticism is welcome =)

We break through the door into the bedroom unable to control ourselves any longer. I pull you closer to me in a deep kiss, but before long you are pushing me back onto the bed and undressing yourself. I smile up at you and slowly being to unbutton my shirt. You walk over to me and bury your face in my chest as I close my eyes in complete pleasure. As I pull my shirt completely off I feel your hand run all the way down my body to the top of my skirt.

"Baby do you know what thats doing to me?"

I say practically out of breath. Without another word you unzip the tiny little skirt and pull it right off, revealing to you the treasure that you had longed for all night. I see your eyes light up in delight as you slowly kiss down my stomach all the way to my dripping wet pussy. As soon as your hot tounge touches my clit I give out a moan that the nieghbors could hear. You start to become more and more aggresive and I bite my lip trying to keep quiet, I didn't want to let you know just yet how incredible you were making me feel. But as soon as you pushed your fingers inside of me I couldn't hold back and I was practically screaming as I began to cum. You continued to give me what I wanted until I was completely finished. You come back up and pull me into a deep kiss, but I knew from your hard cock that you needed so much more.

I smile at you as I crawl onto my hands and knees. Without wasting a second, I suddenly feel your huge throbbing cock slide into my pussy. Having you complete inside of me sent a shock through my body, and yet your loud moans seemed to cover mine. I felt you begin thrusting harder and faster into me. I couldn't believe the sensation my body was feeling, as I felt myself pushing back at you, causing you to slide even deeper into me. I could tell by the way you were unable to catch your breath that you wouldn't be able to last long. You give me a few more hard strokes and then my pussy covers you with its sweetness, which is soom mixed with you cumming completely inside of me. We are both letting out moans of pure pleasure that we had surely never felt before. You pull out of me, and collapse on your back out of breath, but there was no way I was done with you.

I manage to work my way over to you, and with one touch from my hand your cock has become harder than ever again. It was glistening with both of our juices, and I watch you as you watch me, wanting me to taste it. I grip your penis in my hand and slowly slide my mouth all the way down and I hear little gasps coming from your mouth. The taste of us together on my tounge was incredible. Though I could tell how much you were enjoying this, I had to go up and share with you in a passionate kiss, all of the flavors we created together. I feel your tounge sucking up everything it possibly could, then I work my way back down your body and suck your cock like I never had before. I move my hand up and down your hard shaft, as I move my mouth along with it. You suddendly start moving your hips with the rythm of my mouth giving you an even greater sensation. As I begin to feel you wanting to release everything you have left in you, I start to go even faster, causing you to lose it completely. You cum harder than I had felt in years, as you let out the loadest moans I had ever heard. Your hot cum fills my mouth and I swallow every last bit of it.

As soon as you were finished, I could tell you were down for the count. I pull the sheets over us and lay my head on your chest as you put your arms around me. I then fall asleep to your quickly beating, very pleased heart.
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great story...  are you a writer ? 
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No criticism here 
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