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Many people enjoy experimenting with food during sexual play. Dribbling chocolate over the breasts then licking it off can create erotic new experiences in the bedroom. Many people also enjoy penetration with food. However, you should avoid getting anything syrupy or gooey inside the vagina, such as chocolate syrup or peanut butter. They are difficult to thoroughly clean out, and can cause bacterial or yeast infections. But, there are many foods that lend themselves well to sex play.

Most long, slender vegetables make great sex toys. If you are considering buying a glass dildo because the idea of a cool sensation is intriguing, but are unsure if it’s worth the investment, consider trying a washed, refrigerated cucumber first. You should always wash foods thoroughly in soapy water before inserting them into the vagina, just as you would a dildo or vibrator. Other good food options are celery, zucchini, and bananas with the peel on. Many foods do not translate well into anal play, however, as they can break off in the rectum and cause health problems.

There is one food that has been used for centuries for anal play. ‘Figging’ is the term given to using peeled ginger for anal sex. You should peel and wash the ginger, making sure to leave a portion as a handle. You can refrigerate it, or run warm water over the ginger before insertion; try it both ways and decide which you prefer. Figging creates a warm, burning sensation in the anus that many people find heightens the sex experience.
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You lost me at "burning sensation."
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lost me at bacterial and yeast infections.
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I agree that starting with the negative might have been the wrong move. LOL

I would like to add that there are sexual chocolate sauces and similar products which do not contain the sugars and ingredients which can cause infections and are also made to be much easier to clean up, without residue.
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