Hank Alvarez
An old guy, like me, a grandpa, went to the doctor to get some help keeping the wood in his pencil. Nothing on the pharmaceutical market worked. The doctor finally concocted a special formula and said, "This stuff is unreal. I only had enough for two doses and it's expensive a s hell. It's going to cost you $300 for these two tablets and I don't have the ingredients to make any more so use it wisely."
The old boy thought it over and concluded, well, at least it's still less than Charley Sheen pays. He forked over the cash and  the doctor told him how to use it.
The doctor explained, "You take this tablet with a glass of water and in about five minutes you'll get the biggest erection on you've ever had. You can't walk around like that so when you're done just whistle at it and it'll go away. It's a sound sensitive formula."
The old boy asked, "Well what if the old lady wants to go again?"
"You'll have to take the second pill," the doctor said.
Not wanting to be embarrassed in front of his wife, after he left the doctor's office, he swallowed the first pill and chased it down with a gulp of water from the drinking fountain in the medical building hallway.
Sure as hell he got the biggest boner he's had in years and he hurried home.
About half way there he had second thoughts and whistled at the bulge in his pants and as the doctor predicted it melted away. He stopped at a local gas station near his home, swallowed the second pill and just like after the first one he got a huge rod. Realizing that he had just wasted $150 he hurried home to satisfy his wife. He threw open the door, she saw the bulge in the front of his trousers and gave out a loud wolf whistle and declared, "Wow! Will you look at that." You can figure out what happened next.  
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