Hank Alvarez
After a few cocktails, a friend's wife recently admitted to using what sounded like some pretty strange practices in the bedroom and I just wondered if anyone else had tried them. She claimed to use a hemorrhoid medication prior to having anal sex. She's had kids and I'm guessing there may be hemorrhoids involved. I think she mentioned it was a generic over the counter equivalent to "Preparation H" in a suppository form. She said she routinely inserted it about an hour prior to having anal sex. She claimed it relaxed her and made it initially more comfortable and enjoyable and that she had less irritation later. I made a joke out of it and told her that if it was a pain in the ass she was doing it wrong but I know a lot of you are more experienced at this than we are. Has anyone else heard about this? HHH
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Tabu Toypro
I think anal sex should contain two ingredients: Lubrication and Communication. I am not one to promote relaxation of the anus (with creams, gels or sprays) prior to anal activity. In fact, you want to feel the pain. Pain means you're doing it wrong.

People need to learn how to relax their mind first. What's that old lyric? Free your mind, and your ass will follow?
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P Gell
I know the ingredients in Prep H contain a numbing medication and something to "shrink" tissues. Personally, I'd want neither in my butt before anal. Like you said, Hank, if it hurts, something is wrong and it isn't being done properly.

Also, when hemorrhoids are "active" "you butt has the night off." I've had four kids, and those little things (the hems, not the kids) do not act up all the time, but when they do, my butt is off limits!

Tristan Taromino says that regular anal sex can decrease hemorrhoid activity and I think she may be on to something.

Maybe your friend's wife doesn't realize she is using the slipperiness of the Prep H to lubricate the anus. There are better things than this to do so, like NON numbing lubes, some made thicker just for the purpose, like Astroglide shooters.

Also, the action of placing the suppository may make her relax because it's something she is used to and familiar doing. Again, using the Shooters would be a better idea, because they do not numb anything, and are made for the purpose. But, again, if her hems are acting up, her butt should be left alone until the damn things shrink back, UG.
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