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"Eroticism requires separateness" Hmm. How does that make you feel? That's a quote from Esther Perel, a Manhattan-based couples and family therapist. She writes in her book, Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Desire, that "to sustain an élan for the other, there must be a synapse to cross."

Keeping some mystery about your body doesn't necessarily equate modesty, but rather an erotic thrill for yourself and your lover. A woman can then take charge of the "reveal", making the fantasy last as long as she wants.

I like this. I've always thought that a little cover up is a lot sexier than being stark naked in heels. However, that too has its time and place, but I totally agree that you can leave your lover panting and get the desire soaring with a little piece of clothing.

Here's my favorite part of the article:

Let privacy and negligee separate me from a world of imperfection, disappointment, and decay. Please, let me step into another world, one I've waited for all day. In this intimate universe, the lights are dim, the music is exotic, and here she comes, this amazing woman. Can she be my wife? Or is she my mistress? Who cares? I'm all hers.

source: msn lifestyle
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Tabu Toypro wrote:

I've always thought that a little cover up is a lot sexier than being stark naked in heels.

While I don't like to have clothing in the way when doing the deed, I agree that being partially dressed can be a big turn on prior to the act. A sexy bra draws attention to those lucious boobs, stockings serve to emphasize the bareness of what's in between the legs, for example.
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i agree with that, my partner prefers when i dress down as such, to a little skimpy bra and panties.
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I have always found lingerie in all its many glorious forms is a wonderful turn-on. It has always been part of my sex life. I was fortunate in that when I bought a sexy gown for my then-wife, I was assisted by an older woman who answered all my questions and didnt look at me like I was a pervert (which I am...another story for another day!).

Dreamer told me the other day that she either needs the rest of our closet or another dresser for her lingerie. Keep in mind that I consider bikinis and the like as 'lingerie'. With summer here, we are always on the look-out for a new bikini!

Lingerie is not made to torn off...which is the Number One complaint I have heard from women about why they dont wear it. If thats whats happening, I am available to give lessons on lingerie etiquette to any man interested in learning!

And I will put this question out many men dress sexy for their partners? I do...
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