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Most swinger parties and clubs are admittance by invitation only, so swinging etiquette starts with responding promptly to the invitation. This is extra important for a swinging party at a private home, as the hosts need to know in advance how many people to plan for and how many areas to prepare with clean sheets, towels, and toys. While single women are sometimes invited to swinging parties, couples are preferred. You should show up as a couple and promptly on time. And though couples may split up during a party, they should always leave together.
Friendliness and respectfulness are important at a swinger’s party. Always treat others as you would like to be treated. The golden rule of swinging is “No Means No”. Do not pester others into doing what you want if they are not comfortable. This is also important if you are turned down by a person or group. Do not pout or ask why—simply thank them and move on.
Be respectful of other peoples’ intimacy. Prowling from room to room, opening doors and peeking in to see what is happening in there is inappropriate. If you are new to this group, or are a first time swinger, other people will lead you. Remember, “When in Rome, do as the Romans”.
It is important to arrive prepared. You should bathe and shave and brush your teeth before arrival. It is wise to pack a bag with things you will need. A toothbrush and toothpaste are a good idea to freshen up. Personal wipes, like Afterglow Tissues will help keep you fresh throughout the evening. Pack a robe or slip negligee so that you can easily cover yourself during breaks without having to fully re-dress. If it is an overnight party, you should pack your own pillows and sleeping bags.
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