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In all fairness, I have to admit I trust the information she delivered. I’ve been a fan of Nina Hartley’s for years. I have a number of her movies and most of her instructional; “how to” videos. Nina has been a recognized star of adult videos for thirty-five years. According to her biography, she started her acting career in adult cinema in 1984. She has been described as having the best derrière in the business and she has definitely survived the ravages of time beautifully. She’s still one of my favorites.
Through her tenure in the industry she has also become a respected authority on sexual issues and education. She’s an excellent teacher on video and her timeless beauty is only exceeded by the knowledge she shares with us.
Her, “GUIDE TO ANAL SEX,” is about an hour long and it’s full of information that’s definitely of a need to know caliber for beginners. She delivers information you could probably find elsewhere but it’s not likely that you would find it all in an hour. She presented her material in a logical, informative, entertaining and stimulating manner.
I have the strangest feeling that I may have originally purchased a VHS copy that I wore out and replaced when I changed over to DVD’s in the mid-nineties so I can’t be sure when it was originally produced. The production date on my DVD copy is November 1995 and I think I’ve had it since about that time. Don’t let the production date scare you because there’s been no significant change in the information she presented.
The real tip off to the age of this video is that she frequently advised us to stop, rewind and review “the tape.” That was good teaching technique from the seventies and eighties but it dates the production and should have been edited out of the master. That’s bound to be noticed by younger viewers.
The movie flowed well but I chose to watch it in chapters and analyze them individually. Her information is still just as valid and, like her, it has survived the test of time. Thank God the original film quality survived and it’s far better than the DVD copy of, “DEEP THROAT,” I recently bought for my collection.
The film was divided into four well organized chapters: Anatomy, Vibrator, Rim Jobs and Demonstration.
In ANATOMY she covers a number of other equally important topics. She prefaced her anatomy lesson by explaining that anal pleasure and eroticism is an emotionally charged subject that historically has been generally suppressed by most societies as taboo. She also stressed the importance of the psychological aspects of anal eroticism; in that it is something that needs to be desired by both participants, not something forced upon one individual by another. Interestingly, she stressed that anal pleasure doesn’t necessarily require penis penetration to be enjoyable and that you should progress at your own self paced speed. She also mentioned the need for individual planning and preparation necessary for a successful experience.
Her illustrated anatomy lesson was right out of a medical text book, (including large color diagrams). Obviously her information came from many sources, and the anatomical information she presented was indisputable.
In the VIBRATOR chapter she took it one step further to practical application that included: fingers, gloves, lubes and toys in the anus and she presented it in a “how to” fashion. She prefaced it with a display of frequently seen butt plugs and dildos and the safety features they should all have. She also revealed the problem some people have suffered who ignored the warning.
Another thing that dated her presentation was her plugging a “water based lubricant” for anal use; but looking back on it, at the time this video was made, that, and Vaseline were probably considered the state of the art for anal play. Hers was the first presentation I’ve seen with a good explanation of what to do when water based lube dries out and gets gummy.
In the vibrator chapter she taught a slow, cautious approach to anal stimulation, awakening and penetration through verbal communication and correctly interpreting your partner’s non-verbal cues. She and her co-star Anna Mall felt that would guarantee the safest and most pleasurable experience for both parties.
She encouraged the inclusion of as much of the body as possible at the same time that you’re caressing the anal/genital area. With the help of Anna Mall, she demonstrated the appropriate anal awakening and penetration techniques while stimulating the entire groin.
The third chapter is titled RIM JOBS and it dealt with oral/anal stimulation; analingus. Nina’s willing male partner demonstrated his technique for oral/anal arousal on her while she gave the accompanying narration. No pun intended, but it was quite tastefully done, and at the end you weren’t afraid to try it.
One of the best features of this chapter was how to tell if your partner is enjoying what you’re doing: a happy anus pulsates in mild contractions and releases where an unhappy anus just locks up tighter than a frog’s ass, and that’s water tight.
The DEMONSTRATION chapter was a four person oral, vaginal and anal orgy with everybody getting in on the action. In my opinion it was a bit overdone for an instructional video. They did none of the prep they’d taught previously and the girls did a lot of kissing and petting while the guys just sat there and watched. One guy stroked him self, but oddly enough when his turn came Anna Mall had to get him up orally.
Anna Mall and her partner were the first to go from her getting him hard orally to him getting into her and having vaginal and anal intercourse. They ended with him cuming on her face for the money shot. It was pretty typical porn with a guy that wasn’t as hard as he was long.
The finally was Nina and her partner taking their turn and by then it was really nothing new. She was still gorgeous, he was hard and they were two pros who showed you how it’s done. I assume the idea was to inspire us to get up off the couch and into the bedroom to practice what she’d taught us, but in my opinion, at that point it was over kill. My only negative criticism is that the film could have been shorter and better by editing out some of the demonstration segment. After a few minutes of their artistic moaning I was tempted to give it a “hotel room video fast forward.”
If you haven’t guessed by now I liked, “NINA HARTLEY’S GUIDE TO ANAL SEX.” In the years I’ve had this video I’ve probably watched it at least a dozen times and every time I find some new pearl of wisdom I missed previously. The real value of her presentation is that each time you watch it she reminds you of something you should remember to do in the future. Like all of her “how to” videos they’re packed with the information we need, her raw sexual energy and beauty. I’ve never been disappointed with anything Ms. Hartley was associated with.
At the end of the video she pitched Jack Morin’s book, “ANAL PLEASURE AND HEALTH; a guide for men and women,” as another available resource. That was not only charitable but a sign of a good teacher to encourage us to want to learn more.
I whole heartedly recommend, “NINA HARTLEY’S GUIDE TO ANAL SEX” to anyone who wants to improve their lovemaking skills or has even the slightest interest in the subject of anal eroticism. And once you’ve seen this one you’ll want to watch it again. Eventually you’ll have to have her, “Advanced Guide to Anal Sex” too. Sincerely, Hank
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