Hank Alvarez
Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Anal Sex
This isn’t the A, B, C’s or an introduction to anal sex, this is the algebra of it and it’s presented in the quality production you would expect equal to her other instructional videos. This one starts off where “NINA HARTLEY’S GUIDE TO ANAL SEX” left off and it’s living proof that she was right when she said, “The more you know about anal sex the more you want to know.” It’s certainly one of those videos you’ll want to review from time to time. But if it is your first viewing I’m going to suggest something that may seem a little strange, first go to the additional features and watch the “Interview with Nina Hartley,” before you watch the video. She puts out a lot of important and useful information in just a few minutes in the interview that I think will enable you to get more out of the presentation, and it’s a good introduction.
In the beginning of the video she starts out by saying, “For a whole generation of sexual adventurers anal pleasure is just one more element in the mix of erotic pleasures we can experience.” And that’s how skillfully she presents the material. As in her other instructional videos she debunks a lot of untruths and one of them that really struck me was the fear that one person in the Forum had; if participating in anal sex will leave you in adult diapers with and oversized rectum? I think after watching the video you’ll rest easier.
She and one of her costars, Kylie Ireland, did a quick review of the male and female anatomy only this time they seemed more intent on telling us where the pleasure zones are and how to stimulate them. For example on the male, she stressed the presence of the penal bulb between the testicles and the anus, which I had heard referred to as the peri-anal area, and how pressure applied there could give deferred stimulation to the to a man’s prostate gland and heighten his sexual pleasure. They also pointed out that with women anal stimulation can give deferred stimulation to the G-spot and heighten her pleasure.
They did a good job of refreshing our memory on dildos and butt plugs and they introduced a wider variety of types and styles this time. They also introduced some useful points on usage and which lubricants were most suitable.
Kylie Ireland claimed that most people need more conventional foreplay and clitoral stimulation before moving to the back door than is usually practiced. I think they both saw that as a major flaw with most people.
They also both agreed that cleanliness is godliness and suggested better planning. They urged a thorough cleansing with a bulb type syringe and plain warm water as a must. The benefits are that the warm water relaxes your muscles and the lubricated tube gets you accustomed to having a foreign presence in the area.
Nina stressed the use of gloves. Still under the heading of hygiene, she pointed out that it was not only cleaner but that additionally it protects the person being penetrated from any rough surfaces on the hands of the person doing the penetrating. Gloves also make clean up a snap as they are removed inside out and disposed of.
Nina and Kylie worked well off of each other and you got the feeling that a lot of their comments were spontaneous but insightful. Kylie suggested a correction to a major fault that I imagine includes a lot of women who want to do this for their man is that, “If you’re going to play with his butt, don’t neglect his penis,” and to that I would add or his balls.
Throughout the video Nina made a lot of comments about the legal, moral and social taboos associated with anal sex, especially as they relate to men and their frequent homophobic fears regarding gender orientation. I’m not going to comment on that because she did a great job.
At this point the video became a “how to demonstration” and Nina was joined by Christian XXX. She narrated as she went along and it wasn’t so long as to make you want to hit the fast forward button. Her narration reinforced what she had covered and then they reversed roles and he did her. If it wasn’t enjoyable they both deserve academy awards for acting.
Following the demonstrations of Nina and Christian she presented a demo with Evan Stone and Adriana Nicole. There wasn’t much narration there but they used a wider variety of positions in their demonstration. At this point I might suggest that after you watch the entire video go to the “behind the scenes” interview with Adriana Nicole. If you do I’m sure you’ll pick up a few pearls of wisdom.
All in all, as you might have guessed by now, I liked the video. As she always does, Nina presented very complex and controversial topics in a way we can all learn and enjoy. I recommend this video as a logical addition to your resources, provided you’ve already seen her “GUIDE TO ANAL SEX.” Hank

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Great review, Hank! If I had the money I'd be buying both of them right now.
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Hank Alvarez
I'm sure the economy would like it that way but I would honestly suggest you buy them one at a time. I think I got more out of the second one because of what I learned from the first. Hank
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