Hank Alvarez
I’m finding that they make fewer good instructional sex videos than they do good porn. Admittedly, I’m a pretty harsh critic but this is by far one of the best I’ve seen especially on this subject. It was hard to come by as most of the sources I was referred to offered it only in the blue ray version. Not having that equipment I had to keep looking but it was worth it. I’m hoping Tabutoys will have it available soon for your convenience.
I would have to put it on a par with Nina Hartley’s series though she shouldn’t feel threatened as there’s ample room for two experts in this field. If you’re a fan of Taormino’s book on anal sex for women you’ll love her video. One thing is to read about it but it’s altogether better to see it done correctly and she’s much more entertaining in video.
The photography and sound reproduction were first rate and so was the direction. It was evidently produced by Vivid Ed and it carries their logo. One thing I really liked was that the video keeps moving and that keeps you involved. Additionally you can skip back and forth for clarification. Additionally there are numerous mini features of related information included after the main program.
Taormino is an excellent presenter and her approach to this volatile subject is logical, informative and entertaining. She opened the video with one of her anal sex workshops being delivered to a small mixed group. She led them through a good introduction to the subject and then directly into the related anatomy. Her anatomical presentation was not only correct it also included some reasons why beginners and novices frequently experience unnecessary pain and discomfort. More important, she explained how to avoid it. I found that very useful.
From there she went into tips and techniques that were demonstrated by Lorelei and Ariel who I guess I was supposed to know but I didn’t. By the time they were finished though you felt as though you did. Other included participants who were allowed to give their opinions and relate their experiences and those included such subjects as: positions preferences and why plus the techniques they’d acquired. At this point Taormino became a facilitator not just a lecturer and it kept my interest.
Taormino demonstrates an unusual ability to narrate the action without interfering with the camera and when she’s done you realize you’ve really learned a lot. The participant’s comments and questions throughout the video were very valuable resources too. Curiously, you realized they were answering a lot of your questions before you had a chance to ask them.
I can’t think of anything she didn’t cover. She explained the necessary safety features and precautions related to the use of various anal toys as well as a good review of lubricants. She emphasized the need for communications between both parties involved and I think she’s the first educator I’ve seen cover the use of dental dams. She even covered what else you can use in a pinch if you don’t have one handy.
I think any couple intending to participate in anal pleasure play at any stage should watch this video first. It would undoubtedly save newcomers a lot of worry and apprehension and add to their enjoyment. Novices will find her hints and techniques useful and I would venture to guess that even anal experts would find a lot of her information to be helpful reminders. As you may have already guessed I liked it. Hank
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I absolutely love Tristan's style. She's an excellent speaker and guide. I'd love to carry her DVDs in addition to her books - will talk to purchasing.
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