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UK newspaper "The Sunday Mirror" asks the hard-hitting questions of everyone's favorite trailer prodigy, Kid Rock.

On Groupies:
KR: Yeah, I’ve dated fans, probably. Ha ha. Girls come backstage, but it’s all very loose and fun. Everyone’s dancing and having a good time, and whatever happens happens. But I don’t herd cattle, if you know what I mean. Europeans don’t seem to have the groupie mentality anyway. In America, there are nude girls in the audience. I haven’t seen that here… But honestly, it’s pretty weird. There are girls who’d do everything just to get a backstage pass. When you’re on TV in America the girls love you. I’m not complaining.

On his perfect woman:
KR: Someone easy-going, very secure in themselves, confident, obviously beautiful. A good sense of humour for sure. Smart. Ambitious…

On Fan Mail:
KR: I got naughty stuff before. Recently, someone sent me a big dildo that plays MP3s of my songs. First of all I was like, ‘Wow, this is crazy, it plays my songs. Sweet.’ Then I thought, ‘Wait, am I getting royalties off this thing?"

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