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Every so often we hear our customers talk about "loaning" a toy to a friend, or sharing it in the bedroom with a partner. Unless you are in an honest, monogamous relationship with that person: not a good idea. 
Sharing a non-disinfected sex toy may not be as risky as unprotected sex but it still offers the potential for risk.

Here are some simple rules to follow:
1. Never share your soft sex toys, or "jelly" toys, unless you cover them with a latex condom. (Jelly and Cyberskin are porous and can harbor bacteria.)
2. If you must share your sex toys, use medical-grade silicone products or hard plastic toys that can be wiped down thoroughly. (Silicone is poreless and can be completely disinfected with a mild bleach solution or boiling water.)
3. During sexplay, do not use a sex toy that has previously been in contact with your body fluids on your partner, and vice versa. You can cover it with a condom, but this still leaves the small risk of cross-contamination. A better idea is to reserve a specific sex toy for your partner that they will use exclusively, and one for you.
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