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Ok so this isn't about sex, but it is to be done with a partner. Repost from Julie D. Andrews

Remember how much fun you had playing the airplane game as a child? There you were airborne, hoisted onto someone else's knees. Well, you can relive the fun now with your man through this acro-yoga workout. This relatively new variation of yoga starts with standard poses and then adds layers of influence from Thai massage and circus tricks. The Washington Post puts its newest fitness columnist, Leonard Bernstein, to the newbie test with this acro-yoga routine made for couples. It was his first time ever trying any sort of yoga—and we'd say he passed with flying colors.

Bernstein and his partner were guided by acro-yoga instructor, Vanessa King, through a series of positions. "Acro develops a greater sense of what yoga is—union. Everything we do is with at least one other person," King told The Washington Post.

(Click the Washington Post link or the Julie D Andrews link on top to view video. I still can't figure out how to embed video here.)
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