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Aloe has gotten a good rap for a long time. The power of that magical gel from the easiest-to-grow plant ever has healing qualities straight off the slice. Got a little burn? Put some aloe on it. Got a little cut? Aloe! Need a little antiseptic? Slice off some aloe. But...did you realize that it is now the main ingredient in a new personal lubricant called Aloecadabra?

I was slightly skeptical because in my personal opinion, the only thing wrong with virgin aloe is the taste. It's horribly bitter. But, as it turns out, the Aloecadabra lubricant is pretty tasteless. The manufacturers also took women's pH balance into account and they gave glycerin the boot.

We sent some to DominaDoll to review for us and her findings are surprisingly 5 star! She goes so far as to say that it now tops her list as one of her personal favs. That's a tough list to get on, let me tell you...

If you'd like to read her glowing review, check it out at PopMyCherry. If you're convinced and want to try some, grab it from us here.

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I'm aways looking for new lubes. I tend to try just about anything. We have come a long way from baby oil and
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