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WELCOME to the adults only learning centre where wannabe lovers can improve their technique by playing with interactive mannequins, watching "self-help" sex videos, measuring their score on a spank-o-meter or joining a strip class.

And if that's all too much to take, visitors to the Amora sex academy can slip into the lounge bar for an aphrodisiac cocktail or have a session with a sex therapist to brush up on everything from hormones to sex exercises, foreplay to fetish, flirting to fantasy. 

The Amora academy which opened in Berlin last week welcomes visitors with the slogan, "Finally - an exhibition for those who always have to touch everything".

Founded by Frenchman Johan Rizki, the sex centre opened its first sex theme park in London in 2007 and is also due to open in Barcelona.

At  the new Berlin digs, more than 50 interactive displays guide visitors through the intimate areas of the male and female bodies, offering helpful tips on just about everything.

"A lot of couples come in here together to learn something," says Amora Berlin spokesperson Uta Barkow.

"It's been very well received so far. A lot of exhibits have that 'aha' effect on a lot of people."

The museum features life-sized plastic models, naked and in various positions.

One female mannequin light ups when touched in the right spot.

A voice shrieks "That's it!" when the visitor manages to put his finger on the elusive G-spot.

There is also a "Spank-o-meter" that visitors can use to measure the level of pleasure a mannequin receives when spanked with a leather whip.

"So far we've had just as many women in here as men," Ms Barkow says.

"Women coming in tend to have fewer inhibitions while the men tend to be a bit more embarassed."

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