Hank Alvarez
Dr. Patty Britton's, Great Sex Over 50 for Women, is the "mate" to the video of the same name for men. It's intended to teach women how to stay young sexually and to help both of us deal with the reality of "her" aging. I think it's a must see for any man in a committed relationship to be able to understand the changes their better half will undergo as she approaches and passes this plateau.

Someone said, "Women age like fine wine," but I don't think that's true in every case. Like the wonderful fermented beverage, women too need some adjustment from time to time. To continue this analogy, I think Dr. Britton makes her case that if you're both in sync your better half will certainly have a greater opportunity to mature gracefully instead of turning to vinegar.

The film deals with a lot of women's common aging issues that are usually obviously visible. She probably hasn't got the same figure she had  when she was thirty or even forty. Her dress size is a little bigger and her waist has thickened some. Gravity has begun to take its toll and as a result she feels less desirable. Hormonal changes often reduce her libido and vaginal dryness can make sex uncomfortable, if not down right painful. When you add these elements together you have all the conditions necessary for an extended pussy drought that could last the rest of your lives.

Great Sex Over 50 for Women  attacks the problems with some common sense solutions that are so obvious you'll probably kick yourself for not thinking of them on your own. Ladies: she suggests you re-evaluate and improve your self image. After all you have to like yourself. And if you don't like the changes Mother Nature has wrought upon you then do something about it. It boils down to doing the best you can with what God gave you. Maybe some new duds and a new do? It couldn't hurt. And guys, look at it this way, if you love and desire your mate then for you half the battle is over.

Dr. Britton's big emphasis is on EXPERIMENTATION! Try new things! New lubricants may hold the answer to her dryness that can actually make sex enjoyable again for her. She also suggests sex toys and masturbation as a means of her getting reacquainted with her sexual self; thereby rekindling her simmering desire. And gentlemen, that mixed with a little spontaneity and spiced with some adventure just might unlock the young spirit inside the woman you're holding in your arms right now.

They used a lot of the same characters and locations in this film they used before but the narration and photography was just as good. The special features, following the film were the same, but like one cowboy comic once said, "We don't need learnin' as much as we need remindin'." They were topics worthy of review. As you might have guessed by now, I liked the video. What did you think of it?  Hank    
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