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Chula Vista, Ca - 4/20/2007- Tantus™, Inc, maker of the world's best soft toys for adults, trademarks the phrase "Make Dildos Not War!"™.

While most find this a cute, harmless motto, Tantus CEO Michael Smith gave others reasons for choosing to trademark the phrase. He explains- "Tantus took a goal from the very beginning of mainstreaming silicone toys for couples; of creating quality tools that couples could incorporate into their love making. We make sex toys proudly and find dignity in the work that we do to help make the world a better place."

So, where does this all fit into "Make Dildos Not War"?

Tantus President Metis Black explains further, "Since the very beginning at Tantus we've had numerous vendors pass on doing business with us due to the nature of our industry. From silicone suppliers to landlords and CD duplicators, I wonder how these businesses, had they the opportunity, would deal with the war machine? I'm not talking the men and women who serve and our country. I'm talking the missile head makers, Kevlar® body armor manufacturers, etc. who use silicone in their processes."

"I've always supported a businesses choice to make ethical decisions they could live with. Some people can't live with "adult" and they shouldn't be forced to. I respect their decisions and find another business opportunity elsewhere," said Black.

Who is ultimately affected by this choice, the choice to support the war efforts, while offering no consideration to the needs of the women who have sacrificed their love lives for the sake of our freedom?

Make Dildos Not War is Tantus' way of questioning status quo values and maybe reasserting that we of the "adult industries" have ethics, a moral compass and dignity.-Tantus President Metis Black.

Tantus Incorporated has built a reputation as the industry leader through their elevated level of quality and extensive product line of toys that are both pleasurable and healthy for the body.

All Tantus Toys are hand-made in the USA with the utmost pride and craftsmanship. Don't hesitate to experience the science of sensation,™ choose Tantus!

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