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I'm not sure I'd call this an open marriage per se, but Mo'Nique (nominated for best supporting actress for 'Precious' says, "So what!" when asked how she'd feel if her husband happened to have a fling outside the marriage. Barbara Walters interviews her for this year's Oscar special:

Mo'Nique: "Could Sid have sex outside of his marriage with me? Yes. That's not a deal-breaker. That's not something that would make us say, 'Pack your things and let's end the marriage.'"

Babs: And if he stepped out more than once?

Mo'Nique: "What if it's 20 times? So what? We've been best friends for over 25 years, and we truly know who we are. Oftentimes, people get into marriages and they don't know who they're laying next to. I'm very comfortable and secure with my husband."

I think that's a great attitude and it seems to be working for them. These quotes in particular were taken from, but if you go there, try to avoid reading the comments in that post. They are your typical reaction to this subject, as well as some really ridiculous opinions of her unshaven legs. Why that's an issue for some is beyond me.

So - are any of you this confident in your bond? Personally, I'd kill my partner if he stepped out 20 times, but I love (envy?) her attitude and honesty.

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I'm just too traditional when it comes to marriage, I couldn't handle a husband or a boyfriend cheating on me. And if I didn't divorce them at the very least I'd cheat on them and be like "Two can play at that game."
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