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Super informative article from Herbalist Brigitte Mars at HuffPo called Sexual Nutrition: Getting To Know Your Aphrodisiacs She details what aphrodisiacs are, how to use them and their origins.

Couple of snips:

English herbalist, Nicholas Culpepper (1616-1654) said that asparagus "stirreth up bodily lust in man and woman."

In general, roots such as carrots, dandelion and burdock help energize the lower chakras. A Japanese proverb says, "A man who likes carrots, likes women."

Paris street vendors of the 1700's used to cry out "Artichokes! Artichokes! Heats the body and the spirit. Heats the genitals!"

If you are in the tropics where they grow, soursop and durian, they are considered supreme sexual foods. There is a saying in Malaysia, "When the durians fall, the sarongs rise."

Check out the entire article: Sexual Nutrition: Getting To Know Your Aphrodisiacs
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