Hank Alvarez
The Fine art of Fellatio

You’ve heard about it in the Forum and now there’s help available for those ladies who want to improve their oral lovemaking skills or perhaps add that to their existing repertoire. As instructional videos go, this is one of the best I’ve seen produced outside of mainstream Hollywood. It’s approximately one hundred minutes of valuable information on how to give “good head.”
From a technical standpoint, the photography was beautiful and in the beginning they made excellent use of split screen technique. Kudos to the art director, if they had one, or to whoever had the artistic taste to decorate the sets. I’ve seen this as a trend, especially in movies intended for women.
The sound was excellent. In sexually oriented videos, whether they’re designed to titillate or educate, unfortunately I’ve usually heard only half the dialogue and in most productions even that could have been omitted. This movie was a feast for all your senses.
This is an excellent instructional video for beginners or those who simply want to improve their ability to give oral pleasure to their male partner. They used a few “pros” I remember from porn productions made in the eighties and nineties, but who would know more about oral sex? Believe me ladies, if you watch and listen, they will show you how.
They got you into the subject with a, “pleasure party,” at which a group of women sat around a table, each with her own realistic dildo, and they discussed why and how they like to give head. Each revealed what she thought were her special skills. I don’t want to give away the whole plot, but they all contributed something different and in general terms it pretty much came down to them agreeing to: liking to do it, wanting to please their lover and keeping in constant communication.
The same ladies were then paired with their willing male partners in fifteen sequences where each, and their partner, commented on the various aspects of giving and receiving oral pleasure. Both had a chance to voice their opinions on what they liked and disliked, but the emphasis was definitely on the ladies, and this is where their differences really started to show.
They all agreed that communication was most important, but most were gauging the results of their efforts by their partner’s physical responses, as well as verbal and non verbal cues. One stressed eye contact as being the most critical aspect but when she got down to doing it she seemed to focus less on that than the other women. I guess it only goes to show that giving good head can sometimes be a lot more easily said than done.
A couple of ladies agreed that there was an empowerment issue involved, and any man who has put his penis in a woman’s mouth knows who’s in charge.
One lady said she wanted positive feedback. She obviously knew that there was a difference between giving good and bad head and she took enough pride in what she was doing to want to know if she was pleasing her partner.
After this part of their segment each gave an individual “how I do it” demonstration. This is where the film became very interesting. They were all stroking, sucking and licking various sizes and colors of penises in assorted states of erection. They all got them hard but how they did it was the most interesting and important part of the video. This is where they really displayed their unique talents and differences.
At this point I want to suggest that you watch it at least a second time. Have a remote in one hand and a pad and pencil in the other because you’re going to see a lot of things that you’ll want to remember.
All but one basically used the same physical position, kneeling in front of her partner for good visual contact. Only a few really concentrated on much more than the penis No more than a couple of the ladies, in the heat of the action, actually gave what I thought was appropriate attention to their partner’s balls. I guess they’d forgotten that they were attached. A few timidly nibbled on the head of their lover’s penis while others appeared to be overly gentle. One energetic femme fatale made it look like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose but the best of all was the lady who had her hands roaming all over her partner; she was giving him nothing less than a full body orgasm.
At the conclusion, I think you’ll have to admit that you saw a potpourri of techniques to choose from. Study them, adopt and adapt them and practice. Giving good head is an acquired skill and if you develop as a fellatrix, believe me, you will be remembered fondly. And ladies, that is the value of this film. Hank

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Very cool! Thanks for the review, Hank. I don't get to watch everything we carry, and this is a popular title. Much appreciated.
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