Susan Strict
“The Temple of Vesta” is a new BDSM novel co-authored by Susan Strict & John Savage, set in Rome in 59BC.

Rome in 59BC was not one of the easiest places to live, but few were aware of what was going on at the very highest level.  In the Temple of Vesta, the Vestal Virgins were not all so virginal, and the secrets of the House of Vesta were known only to a select few who took their pleasure on the trembling, screaming young priestesses.  Nor was that all.  Any man who fell foul of the High Priestess might well find himself trapped in that house of women, and be obliged to suffer and to serve their needs and desires forever.  In fact, it all worked very smoothly.  Until, that is, one of the Vestal Virgins was kidnapped…

In the extract below, Lucius was trying to contact his girlfriend who had been taken against her will to spend her lifetime as a Vestal Virgin.  The priestesses caught him trying to get into the House of Vesta, and he finds himself a prisoner to be used and abused by them:

Lucius groaned, and then opened his eyes.

“Ah, I’m so glad you are with us.”

“What?”  He stared uncomprehendingly at the girl in front of him.  She was naked.  At least, she was almost naked.  She wore a very short, white piece of flimsy cloth around her waist, and two diagonal leather straps across her back and her chest, separating her ample breasts.  She wore nothing else.

“I…”  He still had no idea where he was or what he was doing there.  It took him several seconds more to realize that his arms were restrained high over his head, held by strips of leather around each of his wrists.  His ankles were similarly bound, his legs wide apart and held that way by straps tied round them and to metal rings set in the stone floor.

It was nearly another minute before Lucius realized he was naked, and the girl was holding a short whip.

“What’s going on?  Where am I?  Why…?”

Realization of what had happened was just dawning on him when another woman entered the stone chamber.  This was no young Vestal Virgin like the beauty in front of him holding the whip.  This was a mature woman, fully clothed in long white robes, her hair up in an intricate creation on top of her head held in place by a thin gold band with a single flame fashioned in gold at the front.

“I am Galeria, High Priestess of the Goddess Vesta,” she announced.  “You, Lucius Marcellus Aquilinus, are now my guest.”

Lucius’ eyes opened wide in surprise.  “How to you know my name?” he stuttered, “And what…”

“My dear boy,” Galeria said, “I am the High Priestess.  It is my job to know.  You realize, of course, that your violation of the House of Vesta is punishable by death?  The guards outside would execute you on the spot.”

“Please…”  Lucius had no idea what to say.

Galeria laughed.  “We are not going to kill you.  At least, not yet, but before long you may well be wishing that we had.  You only have yourself to blame.  There is no one in Rome who could claim they do not understand the Laws of the Goddess Vesta, and yet you deliberately flout them.  Think yourself lucky that I am feeling lenient, and that I was already considering what sort of diversion I could devise to provide my girls with some entertainment.”

“Entertainment?  Please, just let me down from here and let me put some clothes on.”
Galeria moved closer to him, reached down, and clasped his penis in her hand.  Lucius closed his eyes in fear.

“You are a man.”

He said nothing, his eyes still closed, terrified of what she might do.
“You have defiled the House of Vesta.  You will suffer.”

“Please.  If you let me go, then I swear on the gods that I will never come near here again.”

“Of course you will not go.  You will be the entertainment for my girls.  We will start with a whipping.  Don’t look so frightened.  That little whip you see in the hands of young Flava won’t take the skin from your body.  Not at all.  It may redden the skin, and bruise, and perhaps cause a little bleeding when wielded by one of our stronger girls.  It will, naturally, be very, very painful, which, after all, is what you deserve, but it won’t kill you.  Probably.”

“No, please!”

Galeria ignored him.  “Flava will start,” she said, “And when her arm becomes tired, one of the others will take over.  When everyone has had her turn, I will decide another way in which you can provide us with suitable entertainment.  Feel free to scream all you like.  This room is well below ground level, and I doubt that anyone will hear you.  Carry on, Flava.  Enjoy yourself.”


Lucius body was a mass of pain.

The whipping was, as Galeria the High Priestess had told him, not fatal.  It simply felt as though every stroke of the whip was doing irreparable damage to his body.  Now it had stopped, he realized that they had no intention of killing him.  Not for the moment anyway.

Also, he realized, they had no intention of letting him go.  For one wonderful moment when the whipping had stopped and they had released him from the straps holding him in the stone chamber, he had thought it was over and he was to be freed.  He had collapsed to the floor the moment they let go of him, and they had left him alone for over an hour.  If he could have moved and worked out which way he needed to go, he would have clambered to his feet and gone, but the pain in his body and in his muscles was too great.  He could not have stood up unaided, and walking was not an option.

By the time he was beginning to be able to move, they had returned.  There was no sign of the High Priestess.  Instead, there were at least ten of the girls of around his own age, dressed as Flava had been earlier.  He had no idea whether this was customary attire, or lack of it, for the young priestesses within the confines of the House of Vesta, but the thought went through his head that at any other time in any other circumstances he would be finding their near-nakedness so close to him highly arousing and desirable.  As it was, by the time they had pulled him to his feet and half dragged, half carried him from the room, along a dark passageway and into another chamber, his unintended arousal was obvious.

There was one item of furniture in the very center of this chamber: a bed.

Lucius would have been very happy to lie down and go to sleep.  They could lock him in the room and leave him alone to recover, and that would have been just fine with him.  It was not to be that simple.  He was pushed down onto the bed on his back, and his wrists and ankles once again restrained by leather ties that were firmly knotted around the corners of the bed frame.  He was left, naked, spread-eagled, but not before several of the young priestesses had reached over and slapped his unwanted erection while giggling girlishly.

He was asleep in no more than five minutes.


Something had awoken him.

The pains in Lucius’ body had not lessened after the hours of uninterrupted sleep.  It seemed to him as though some had worsened, although it was difficult to be certain without being able to move his limbs freely.  His restrained, spread-eagled position did not help.

But, quite definitely, something had awoken him.

He was sure there was no one in the room, and he was equally sure no one had entered or left it recently.  He would have heard the opening and shutting of the heavy door.  So, whatever had awoken him must have been outside, and must have been fairly loud to have shaken him from such a deep sleep.

He did not have long to wait before he found out.  It came again: a scream.  It was the unmistakable scream of a young woman, not a man in pain as he feared it might be when he first heard it, the thought of terrible tortures that might be inflicted on him never far from his mind.

It seemed bizarre to him that a girl should be screaming in the House of Vesta.  Was this not, after all, supposed to be the perfect sanctuary for women, where their sole purpose was to tend to the Flame and to worship the Goddess Vesta?  Why would one of them be screaming?

It came again, and this time he was listening more carefully.  It was not a scream of pain.  Or, at least, it was not the scream of someone being seriously injured.  It was, he was fairly sure, the scream of a girl in fear and anger.

It still made no sense.

He had no time to think about it, because the door burst open and Galeria came towards him.

“How did you enjoy your whipping?” she asked humorlessly, and to his dismay he saw that she had a whip in her hands.

“I hurt,” he told her.

“What a pity,” she said without a trace of sympathy in her voice.  “The girls tell me that you found them exciting.”


She laughed, although there was still no humor in it.  “There would be something wrong with any man who didn’t find them exciting,” she told him, “But you don’t seem to have the same interest in me.”

Her eyes were fixed on his groin.  He was not sure what he should say.

“I…  It would be disrespectful,” he said.

“Indeed?”  She reached towards him and took his manhood between finger and thumb.  She rubbed gently.  He felt himself begin to stiffen.  She let go immediately.

“Some of the priestesses really don’t like men at all,” she informed him.  “If they were given half a chance, you’d lose that.”

“No!”  His squeal echoed around the room.

Galeria smiled and reached for his manhood again.  “I don’t mind men,” she informed him, “As long as I’m in control of them.  Anyway, those who really hate you are in the minority.  Personally, I’ve always believed that a fully functional man is far easier to control than one who has lost his urges and the equipment to go with them.  After all, torturing your masculinity doesn’t work if you haven’t any masculinity to torture.  You won’t be losing this, or these…” she grabbed his testicles and squeezed, making him gasp in pain, “… any time soon, I can promise you that.”

“So,” she continued, “What are we going to do with you?”

Lucius assumed she was not expecting an answer.  He lay still, looking up at her in terrified silence.

“I could let the girls play with you,” she mused.  “We have a wonderful torture device that would fit nicely around your testicles with a handle to turn and tighten until it’s really very painful indeed.  The problem with that, of course, is that we’re back to the other problem: one of them is bound to tighten it too much, and then all your urges will have gone – assuming you don’t die from the pain first, of course.”

As Galeria paused thoughtfully, there was the distinct sound of a girl screaming from some distance away.

“Ah yes,” said Galeria as though the sound had reminded her.  “Some of the more inexperienced priestesses need correction from time to time.  Would you like to know what we do to them?”

Lucius shook his head.  “No,” he muttered.

“The sound you hear,” Galeria told him as though she had not heard him, “Is a whipping being administered.  You know all about that, and I’m sure you will experience it again, but my favorite punishment is to lock a chastity belt onto a girl to prevent her touching herself after we have liberally applied an irritant to all her most sensitive parts.  We do find we often have to restrain her after a while.  Even the mildest girl becomes a wild animal when the itching drives her, but after twenty-four hours it starts to wear off.  After that, the mere mention that we might do it again, and she becomes as docile as a lamb.  We could do the same to you, I think.  It would be interesting to see how you react.”

There was another scream.

“Ah, now that was something quite different.  I wonder whether we could devise something similar to that for you as well?”

She looked down at him, considering.

“You know,” she said seriously, “You would make a very good Vestal Virgin.  Perhaps, after training, and a suitable restrainer to control those male parts of yours…  You would look wonderful in the Robes of the Temple.”

Suddenly, Lucius saw a ray of hope.  “I’ll do anything you want,” he said seriously.  “Anything.  Just tell me what you need me to do.”

Galeria laughed again.  “Perhaps,” she said, “After a few years we might be able to do something with you.  It would be a first for the Temple, and I would have to consult the Goddess, but I think it could be done if the signs are favorable.”

“A few years!”  The hope faded.

“Ten at least,” she told him.  “We can’t change your nasty male instincts overnight.  It could be done more quickly, but it would be such a shame to spoil the parts of you that might be most useful in other ways.”

She reached out for him again, and stroked his manhood almost lovingly.  He felt his erection stiffening once more.

“You can’t keep me here for ten years,” Lucius told her.  “You just can’t.”

Galeria nodded.  “You’re probably right,” she agreed.  “No man has ever been kept here for that long.  Most of them die long before that.”

She watched his eyes, waiting for the implications to sink in.

“I said, I’ll do anything you want,” he told her frantically.  “Look, High Priestess, I really will do anything.  I’ll… I’ll… I’ll have sex with you.  Honestly I will.  I’m young, fit and at your age… I mean, you can’t have too many men of my age offering to…”

The expression on Galeria’s face was one of amusement when Lucius started speaking, and now she threw back her head and laughed uproariously.

“Oh yes, young man.  You will, but not quite as you mean.  Do you seriously think you have any choice about it?  You will do what I want, when I want, and how I want.  You will most certainly be spending your time looking after my sexual desires, and those of any other priestesses here who I choose to allow the privilege of using you or abusing you.”

“I didn’t mean… I’m sorry, I…”

“You have a lot to learn,” she told him.

He closed his eyes.

“And you needn’t think you’re going to spend all your time with those beautiful young things who whipped you earlier,” she said.  “They have enough to amuse themselves most of the time.  Have you ever considered the Vestal Virgins you don’t see?  All those who are too old to continue the public performance we give at the Temple and in the processions through the streets?  They’re all here, or, at least, many of them are.  Few have any reason to leave when their prescribed time as a priestess is at an end.  We don’t throw them out on the streets or send them back to families who rarely wanted them in the first place.  No, they’re here, and there’s nothing they’d like better than to have a young man to satisfy them just as you’re going to satisfy me.”

Lucius stared at her in disbelief.

She reached behind her neck for the clasp at the back of her robes.  With a flick of her fingers, she opened the clasp and the robes fell to the ground around her.  Underneath the flowing outer garment, she was completely naked.

She climbed onto the bed and sat astride his chest.  “You’d better be good,” she warned.  “Make the effort, or you’ll suffer.  You have no idea how much pain I can cause you.”

Galeria moved forward until she was kneeling astride his head.  Slowly, she lowered herself toward him.

“Lick,” she demanded.

Lucius licked.

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