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There's a site called True.Story.Sex where people post real short stories about their real sex lives. Gee, kind of like a sex forum, huh? But I found this one to be kind of funny, so I'm sharing:

A few months ago, I was surfing some porn on the net, and forgot to clear my history. When I got back from work the next day, my wife was pissed. She had seen the websites I was visiting, and was shocked. After i pathetically apologized to her for awhile, she said "come upstairs". She told me to take off my pants and come into the bathroom. I was wearing boxers. When I got in there she shoved the tip of my shaving gel can inside my fly and unloaded the whole can into my pubic hair. It foamed up and filled out my shorts and dripped down my leg. I said "what are you doing?". And she said "shhhh!".

She massaged my cock inside my shorts until it was good and hard and the gel was everywhere, then she told me to drop my boxers. The floor was a mess, I had shave gel running down my legs. She made me sit on the counter, then took my razor and started shaving off my pubic hair. It was weird, because she was pissed but I was turned on. It took 15 minutes, and she shaved me totally bare, including my balls. She told me to stand up, wet a big washcloth and washed me off. The floor was soaked with water, gel, hair.  I was rock hard, and looked longer.

Then she asked if I was turned on, uhh, yeah. She asked "would you like me to suck you off?". This was really unlike her. I said yes.

She said, "forget it, but next time come to me when you're horny, not the Internet.". She told me to clean up the bathroom as she walked out, leaving me bald and aching for an orgasm.

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