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Thank you for your time Seymore. I know that you're busy so let's get right to the good stuff. "Family Business" is doing really well on Showtime. What season are you in now?

This is the third season.

Will there be a forth?

If I was a betting man I would say yes. (Do we want to change this answer since the announcement has been made?)

For anyone who isn't aware, "Family Business" is a reality-based show on Showtime that follows you through you daily life.


How did the idea for the show come about?

I was approached by the producers of the show, Arnold Shapiro and Allison Grodner after they had seen me interviewed on PBS' "American Porn." That interview was about me being prosecuted for obscenity at the time. They thought that it was interesting that a guy who was being prosecuted had his mother working with him. I think that spurred their interest.

The show has opened you up to a whole new audience. Have you approached things any differently?

That was the primary reason I agreed to do the show. It certainly wasn't the money that was being offered. It was the chance to expand the reach of my brand to people who would not normally be exposed to it. I was also hoping to show people who might have a pre-conceived notion about industry folks that there are normal, family oriented people working in the adult movie business.

Have you seen a lot of carry over from this new audience? Are people picking up your movies for the first time and giving you feedback?

Certainly. I get letters all the time telling me things like "my wife would never watch porn until we started watching your show. Now she's agreed to give it a shot." I get things like that all the time.

That has to be great to hear.

Yes it is.

Let's talk about your recent movies. You are still doing a lot of the things you have been doing for years.

If it's not broke, don't fix it. That's my motto.

About how many movies are you shooting in a year?

Between nine and eleven.

That's about the same pace you have maintained for the last decade.

Other than the times when I had some legal troubles. I slowed down then.

Who are the current Tushy Girls?

Mari Possa and Flower Tucci.

Both of them are lovely young women.

Yes they are.

For those who haven't been watching "Family Business" Mari was a civilian working in your office for some time.

She started out as a receptionist and moved on to become my assistant.

And now she is a Tushy Girl.

She is Tushy Girl Caliente.

She is the first Latin Tushy girl I believe.

Yes she is.

You mentioned your legal struggles. Did you want to address that at all?

I think it's played out at this point. If you want to talk about specifics we can do that.

You won the case of course.


It was over a scene that included fisting, but you haven't gone crazy and put that sort of scene in every one of your movies.

No I haven't. In life you have to learn to pick your battles. I made my statement and I don't need to rub it in. The sale of my movies isn't keyed upon extreme circus sex acts. I put that scene in my movie because that particular girl requested that particular act. It was the only way she said she could get off. I shoot what the people in my movies like. I don't have to compete with the novelty Olympic sex act movies. My movies are based on adults having sex with the people they want to have sex with and having the kind of sex that gives them pleasure. That is what my movies are about.

You weren't doing what Extreme Associates was doing. You weren't out there trying to shock people.

Not at all. If you look at the box for that movie, there are no text references to the act and you don't see any pictures of it either. I didn't advertise it in any way. I didn't put out a press release. I shipped it as is and waited for the reaction which was unfortunate.

Were you surprised by the reaction?

Considering that it happened two years after I released it, it was a bit surprising. Aside from that, Bush had just been elected as our President so I wasn't a hundred percent shocked.

Your name doesn't usually come up in discussions of pornographers who are out there pushing the envelope and inviting trouble.

That was the surprising thing. I think that the reality is that someone dropped a dime on me. I happen to think that I know who did it and that is why I got into trouble. Someone filed a complaint.

That is behind you so let's move on. You haven't traditionally shot scenes with condoms. Do you think that the industry has done enough to protect performers from sexually transmitted diseases?

I think that the industry as a whole is probably too diverse to speak about it that way. What is the "industry as a whole?" There are all kinds of renegades out there shooting whatever they want. I think that there is a portion of the industry that is doing their best to protect the performers. Then again there is a portion of the industry that just doesn't give a shit.

What is your policy for keeping performers safe in your movies?

Since the HIV crisis came about last year I have become involved with a company that produces "Safe Glide." It has been adopted by AIM as a standard-issue product given to performers. I make sure people are tested. I make sure that they use the "Safe Glide" lubricant and I let them do their thing.

Do you think that if you were to decide that you needed to shoot all-condom movies that it would adversely affect your sales?

I don't think so. There was a brief period before I discovered "Safe Glide" when I was considering condoms. I found that a number of people I wanted to shoot wouldn't work for me. I'm not talking about males, I'm talking about females.

You ran into reluctance among female performers to work with condoms?

I did actually. A lot of the girls get reactions from the condoms.

Latex allergies?

Yes. It's an unpleasant thing that causes them to miss work so it becomes a catch-22.

So right now you use testing, "Safe Glide" and common sense.

Right. We aren't shooting double anal, anal internal cream pie stuff.

A long time ago you shot a lot of anal when not everyone in the industry was doing that. You are still shooting basically the same amount, but others in the industry have pushed it beyond what you do.

There was a time when people looked at what I was doing, what John Stagliano was doing and what Bruce Seven was doing and they saw that we were successful. They knew that trying to duplicate what we were doing would not be as affective as trying to out-do what we were doing. We were shooting pretty hard-core anal movie so how do you top that? You try two hard cocks in an ass. I think it is part of the natural evolution of competition within the industry.

You have stayed true to what you do and you have a loyal fan base.

I really do. I've probably missed out on stuff. Obviously there is a market for it. There is a market for guys who are rough with the girls too. I don't mess with that.

Your movies fall into a rather odd category. They aren't traditional couples movies, but they are probably more couples-oriented than most gonzo flicks. A woman can watch and not want to run away.

I call them female friendly, but more than hard enough for men.

The women in your movies have taken the lead more so than other gonzo performers. Do you get a lot of letters from women who find it empowering to watch Mari or Alisha or Shane in your movies?

Absolutely. I am sure that they get plenty of letters stating that same sentiment. That is one of the reasons that I think females are receptive to watching my movies. Even though they are hard-core, they have something that women can relate to.

The performers are more than just pin-cushions in your movies.

Exactly. The girl's orgasm is the focus.

Speaking of that, you have done a lot of female squirt movies. Is that just something that evolved from your personal life?

Yeah. It was something I was interested in personally. At one point during my younger days when I was with a woman who was a squirter. I had no idea what was going on so I did some investigating. As my career advanced I ran into girls who could do it. Those movies that you speak of are my best selling titles. They have had the most impact of anything I have done on the general public. I get so many letters from people who say that just a few of those techniques have changed their sex life forever.

You also have a toy line that focuses on squirting, but also designed to help people safely explore anal sex. Talk a little bit about the toys.

I'm doing the toy line with Pipedream Products. I am very hands-on with the design process as people who watch my television show know. I am very excited about the potential of it and the reception has been great so far.

I saw a few of the toys recently. They are quite interesting. There is even a Seymore model cock.

There is. People saw me having it molded on the TV Show.

How was that experience?

That was difficult. You have to stay erect for a period of three minutes.

Which is more than most guys can keep a hard-on anyway.

You have to stay hard without any kind of stimulation and with this very warm, heavy liquid engulfing your cock.

What secret tricks did you use?

I don't have any secrets. I just got lucky. There were two guys mixing the stuff while you're getting ready. They have to pour it as soon as you're hard so it's all a timing thing.

They really should have attractive women doing that job just to make it easier.


You were making movies long before the internet was a major force in the industry. What sort of changes have you seen with the rise of the internet?

I think that the exchange of information has obviously been facilitated by the internet. Fans are able to communicate with performers and with each other. I think that it has raised the standards that we producers must adhere to. The information is out there if anyone tries to rip someone off by putting a girl on the box who isn't in the movie or saying that the movie is an anal movie when it's not.

I don't know if you are aware of this, but I essentially built a web site on your movies. Most of my early reviews were of your stuff that was in my personal collection. The site grew in popularity because I was talking about movies that were popular with fans, but weren't getting covered in magazines like AVN.

They still aren't.

That's true. I still get plenty of email from readers thanking me for turning them onto your movies.

And I thank you for turning them onto my movies as well.

I still have every one of those movies on VHS in my closet.

They will be worth something someday.

About how many movies have you done?

I think we are approaching a hundred.

That really isn't a lot for the amount of time you've been in the business.

No it isn't. I've never been someone who can do this every day. I think I would have burned out a long time ago if I worked at the pace of some other guys in this business.

No need to work more than you're comfortable with.

To be honest, I don't know enough good penises to do that.

You do tend to shoot the same couple of guys in every movie.

I would go crazy if I didn't. How can I shoot with a guy who can't get the job done? It drives me nuts. I know how difficult it is believe me, but that still doesn't mean that I am accepting when some guy can't get it to work.

You had an open casting call for male talent that was documented on "Family Business."

That was a tremendous failure.

So you didn't find the next great porn performer?

Not even close. I've discovered a lot of great girls, but I don't think I have discovered one guy during my career. It's sad.

You do have an eye for exceptional women.

I've been fortunate.

You were one of the first directors to shoot genuine POV footage.


Maybe even the first to really incorporate it.

A complete sex scene perhaps.

POV is huge now with at least a dozen lines. When you were shooting those scenes did you envision that it would become such a big deal?

I had a feeling that there would be others. Let's be honest, I got a lot of my early ideas from John Stagliano. Clearly some other kids got their ideas from me. The fact that POV takes away one layer of distance between the viewer and the material is a big deal. I knew it would be an affective way for me to portray sex and I had to figure that it would be an affective way for others as well.

Do you think that the intimacy in your shooting and the reality of the sex help endure you to fans?

I think that the overall intimacy of my movies helps a lot. I don't make myself out to be some superstud. I am somewhat of an everyday guy. Not everything goes right for me. I am respectful of the women. You will never hear someone called a "cunt" or a "whore" or even a "slut" in my movies unless it comes from the girls. It will certainly never come from me. I think that those things endear people to my movies. The POV definitely helps with the intimate feeling.

You mentioned John as an early influence. He shot a movie in a gym that you ran years ago didn't he?

Yes he did.

You strike me as someone who was a porn fan way back in the day.

I was.

Other than John who were some of the directors you were watching?

There was so much product out there that no one cared about. That is one of the reasons I got into it. I knew that there was room for someone who did care about his product. I saw the way John cared and somebody like John Leslie who made different types of movies, but I knew there was going to be good sex. I didn't care about the special effects. I just knew that there was going to be great sex. Everything else is icing on the cake. Joey Silvera is funny, but if the sex wasn't good in his movies no one would give a fuck how funny he is. Alex DeRenzy was another one. He was one of the first guys to put the light on anal sex. Bruce Seven was someone we could always count on. The Dark Brothers were also great. Even though I didn't care about seals and clowns and that stuff. A Ginger Lynn DP was still hot.

You just named the who's-who of porn directors as influences. How does it feel to know that when I ask a young director who influenced their work, that your name is mentioned right there with John Stagliano, Bruce Seven and Joey Silvera? You are now part of the legacy.

It's crazy. It really is.

Are you not comfortable with it yet?

I don't think about it so when I hear it, it's kind of embarrassing.

Your early movies were gonzo in the truest sense of the word. People used to email all the time asking if the story part of your movies were real. No one shoots that way anymore. Do you think that gonzo in that sense is dead?

I think that what you're pointing out is that I have become more conservative with what I shoot because of the experiences that I have had. I would love to be able to take a girl out to some club like the Sundance Bar in Havasu and have her get mobbed by a group of guys and get finger fucked. As you remember that happened to Shane in "Playing with Fire." That was real. No one was being paid. It just happened. It was different then. Nobody recognized me back then. I was just some dick with a camera. They didn't know who Shane was. They didn't even know we were there together. I go to a place now and the bartender knows I'm there before I do.

So it's a lot harder to get the spontaneous feel the movies.

If I drive around with a camera I can guarantee that somebody will start to follow me. They recognize my cars. I'm holding a fucking camera. It's impossible to shoot and drive like I used to. I'll have a whole train of cars behind me waiting to see what's going to happen. It's very difficult to shoot that way. I could shoot in foreign countries, but I've faced jail. I have to draw a line somewhere. Is it worth it to me to get five minutes of crazy footage and risk ending up in jail in Panama? Do I want to sit there and wait for someone to let me know how many Pesos I have to have delivered to Panama to get myself out. I have just found that if I concentrate on good sex that it works. I make sure that the people who are working for me are going to be fucking people that they really want to fuck and that they are doing things they really want to do. I am not going to get them in some crazy fucking position on a desk where it's uncomfortable. I want them in the most comfortable positions and on the most comfortable surfaces I can find. My goal is to give them that chance. Everything else I try to keep light and fun. I don't need to shock anybody any more. People know that I'm going to deliver. If I can get a girl to go give a blowjob in the middle of Dodger Stadium, great. In the end the guy isn't going to have an better orgasm because he's watching her in Dodger Stadium. He might talk about it to his buddies and I might sell a few more tapes, but in the end it's just not worth it.

The list of female talent you have discovered is pretty impressive. From Shane to Taylor to Alisha to Mari Possa. How are you finding these women?

I am very lucky. With a lot of those women I have had personal relationships with them as well. That has certainly helped me to be able to bring out the best performance in them. I know them so well. That being said, it really is a matter of luck. Finding girls who really want to do this for the right reasons isn't easy. I have turned down a lot of girls believe me, girls you might even think are prettier than Alisha or prettier than Taylor. To me they were just in it for the wrong reasons.

How can you tell that right off?

Sometimes it's easy. If the first question she asks is "how many minutes of anal are you going to need from me?" Then I know right away that she isn't the girl for me.

I'm not going to ask you for who your favorite was, but I will ask if there are any girls who got away through the years or who you really want to shoot.

There are a lot of girls like that. I would love to shoot Jenna doing my type of stuff. I would love to shoot Jessica Drake. Jesse Jane would be great. There are a lot of girls I think I could work some magic with. I have a knack for getting good performances out of people. I'm a good motivator.

Do you have a web site?


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