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P: How did you get into the business?

S: Um, that would be through Seymore Butts. He ended up being a boyfriend of mine, so it was a romantic relationship.

P: Oh wow, and he didn't mind you doing all the stuff in the business as well as being your boyfriend?

S: No, well actually I used to watch his video tapes before I ever met him, and I made my own and mailed it to him. So that was kinda how we met. So, no he didn't mind at all he really liked it. (giggles)

P: I wouldn't mind either if I got to be your boyfriend.

S: (She giggles again, and let me tell you she has the cutest giggle I have ever heard.)

P: Your movies are sort of a cross between a scripted film and a more improvised setting...

S: I don't know where you get scripted in there at all, because none of it is.

P: Oh, none of it's scripted at all?

S: Nothing's scripted. All we know is who's going on the trip and where we are going. Whatever happens after that is improv. (laughs)

P: Oh, okay.

S: I never tell anyone who to work with, when to work, where to work, nothing. I tell everyone hang out, have a good time, and if you are feeling horny and you wanna do someone just make sure you grab a cameraman.

P: A cameraman and a condom, right?

S: Yep, a cameraman and a condom, and it's a go.

P: OK, sounds great. What is the process that you personally go through to prepare the situations, talent, and final product of each video?

S: Um, what process? I don't know, we do casting, them we do shooting, then we do editing, box it, and send it on it's way.

P: And you are personally involved in each part of that?

S: Yep.

P: I think it's safe to say that you have the enthusiasm of the "old school" girls, do you think that many of the women in porn today are just "going through the motions" to get a paycheck?

S: Ummm, yeah. (giggles) I think that, and I think that a lot of them get into it because they wanna go dance and make good money, because a lot of them are house dancers and they wanna go on to become features.

P: Your feelings, though, are different than that?

S: Is that what I want for myself?

P: Yeah.

S: Um, no. Umm, actually when I got in the business it was just kinda to have fun, I didn't really plan on making a living at it. I just really enjoyed it and after I left Seymore, that is the guy I was with before, I quit the business for six months and I really missed it, so I decided I just wanted to come back and just work for myself, but I didn't want to go on the road and dance. That's not why. I just had my own ideas and videos that I wanted to make. Umm, I wanted to do it. It was kinda more about having fun that anything. Plus in the beginning I wanted to get back at Seymore, he said that I'd never be able to pull it off. So, it was all out of a vengeful thing in the beginning. (giggles)

P: Well, you seem to have won in the end.

S: Oh yeah, oh yeah, I got the last laugh. (giggles)

P: I definitely feel that the idea that you are having fun comes out in your videos, and a lot of other times when you watch other movies with different actresses they don't seem to be having as much fun.

S: Yeah, usually I try to stay clear of the girls that don't enjoy what they do for a living. I try to stay clear of the girls that are just in it for the paycheck, you know, because they don't really work well for the way that I shoot. Anyway, yeah. Everybody has a good time, it's not just me, I mean everybody has a good time. I'm a party thrower, I'm not a director.

P: There is definitely that type of feel to all of your movies.

S: Good, that's the feel I want them to have.

P: I've noticed that many of the other girls in your films make comments that would lead the viewer to think you show them how to give a blowjob, is there on-the-job training before a shoot?

S: No, you probably just watched videos with some of my old girlfriends that I used to go out tramping with before I got married.

P: Oh, okay.

S: They've probably seen me in action a few times. (giggles) Well that is my favorite, you know, oral sex is by far my favorite. I love giving blowjobs, so that was always my expertise.

P: Yeah, it definitely comes off as your forte.

S: (giggles) That's funny.

P: How did you find Yvonne?

S: Um, actually, I found Yvonne through Seymore. Which is really, really awesome. I had just started my own bachelor party company and Yvonne was working on set with Seymore. I guess she was working at a massage parlor and it had just closed down, so she asked that if he had any extra work if he could send it her way. He said, "Well my girlfriend just started this bachelor party business, would you be interested in doing that?" She said yeah, and we have been inseparable ever since. We actually ran the company together for about three years. We kicked ass. We were turning down work left and right, and we never advertised. It was all just through people we knew.

P: That's amazing.

S: Yeah, it was fun. It was a good time. It was like a bunch of guys and us. (laughs) We were paid to be there with a bunch of guys.

P: Not a bad gig.

S: yeah we weren't complaining about that at all. It was pretty cool.

P: Are your breasts real or are they implants?

S: Um, they are almost real now. I was gonna have my implant completely taken out, but one of my boobs, you know how the scar tissue builds up? That whole thing happens?

P: Yeah.

S: I had that happen, so I had to go in for surgery to have that surgically removed. So, if I had my bags completely taken out the doctor said the one boob I had work done on would look a little funky, so I have tiny bags in there. So they are almost natural.

P: Almost all yours.

S: Little itty-bitties in there. (giggles)

P: Was it bad, the problems that occurred because of them?

S: Um, no I had them for a while, and one of them got hard, that's all. So, when I went in to have them fixed, I said, (in a dumb voice) "Well why don't you make them a little bigger." Like an idiot. So he made them bigger in December and I had them taken out a couple of months ago. I couldn't stand them. They looked ridiculous on my body. They looked like big huge fake boobs, and I'm a very active person and they didn't suit my lifestyle. So the big boobies are gone now. I'm back to the normal ones I started the business with.

P: Well, I'm sure you look great with either pair.

S: Oh, thank you.

P: At what age did you loose your virginity to both a man and a woman?

S: Um, let's see. 15 to a man, and 21 to a woman, actually on my 21st birthday.

P: Oh, kind of a present thing.

S: I was attacked.

P: Attacked good, or attacked bad?

S: Um, I would say... good. (giggles)

P: What were the circumstances surrounding losing your virginity at 15, and who was it to?

S: Well actually it was to my cousin's friend.

P: Oh, good thing you said cousin's friend.

S: (laughs naughtily) No, not my cousin, that's disgusting.

P: Yeah, that's why.

S: Well, if we had it his way though I'm sure... (laughs)

P: Ohhh.

S: We were playing drinking games, and I had never played drinking games , I don't think I ever drank alcohol before, so needless to say that happened that night. (giggles) That was pretty funny. But, I was the last one out of all my girlfriends to lose my virginity, but It didn't take me long to catch up to them. No, the day after I lost my virginity I had sex with some other guy.

P: I guess you liked it that much, huh?

S: yeah, I guess so. Actually, I didn't like it so much the first time, the second time actually wasn't so bad though... (giggles)... oh, boy.

P: I recently heard you were on the Howard Stern show. How was that?

S: That was awesome, it was totally fun. Um, it was kinda, um... I guess it's a good think I have a sense of humor, because Howard wanted people farting on my face. Which really didn't happen, but over the air I'm sure it seemed like it, but you know, whatever. But, no, it was totally cool. I had a good time. I wanna go back on the show, but next time I go on... I didn't get to talk about any of the things I really wanted to talk about. Hopefully I can go back on, and be a little bit more serious, and less goofy. But, you know Howard likes his goofy stuff

P: Oh yeah, definitely. How was he as a person?

S: Off the air he was really, really cool, and to be honest with you I never really liked Howard Stern too much. Once I saw his movie, I got a little bit of an understanding of his humor that I used to take offense too. Um, and then after meeting him in person I totally think he is a doll... and he's really good looking in person. I was shocked.

P: Well, he's definitely got an image going.

S: Well, I saw the movie, and I didn't find him very attractive, but in person he really is a good looking guy. He has really, really pretty eyes.

P: Oh, definitely.

S: Yeah? (as if wondering why a straight guy would notice that)

P: No, women are always telling him to take off his sunglasses so they can look at his eyes.

S: Oh yeah, his eyes are amazing. Yeah, he really is good looking. That one kinda threw me. (giggles)

P: Surprise, surprise, surprise.

S: Yeah, I didn't see that one coming.

P: What do you think about America's moral standards about sex, nudity, and pornography?

S: I think they need to be changed severely. I think we have a lot of major, major problems, hang-ups, and issues. Like, I remember when I went to Europe, and I was watching TV and the commercials are topless. Like, they don't have a problem with sex there, they aren't so uptight about it. Over here everybody is so uptight about it, and it's such a hush, hush thing, and we have a high percentage of rape, molestation, teenage pregnancies, teenagers who's parents haven't even talked to them about sex. I think sex needs to be a lot more acceptable, and not looked at as such a dirty, awful, icky, horrible thing that god's gonna punish you for. You know what I mean?

P: Absolutely. yeah, it's definitely scary when you hear people talking about how wrong it is. Especially when they say they never want sex ed taught in school, and they want all of it kept quiet. Like they wanna hide it.

S: By hiding it and keeping it quiet, it only makes kids more curious, and then by not informing them of anything they don't know what the right thing is to do. So basically by being hush-hush, your not stopping it from happening, you are helping it to happen, and it's happening in an unhealthy way. Because if it wasn't so hush-hush at least everyone could deal with it on a healthy level.

P: Yeah, definitely. Do you smoke cigarettes?

S: Yes I do, unfortunately.

P: How long have you smoked?

S: Um, since I was in eighth grade.

P: Do you plan on quitting one day?

S: Yes, I plan on having a child soon. I quit last year, but I started it again, I don't know what my problem is.

P: Well, those things are pretty damn addictive.

S: I know. I've quit twice for over a year, so that shows you what an idiot I am... (giggles)... oh, boy.

P: Well, around the set most people smoke, right?

S: Um, yeah.

P: Yeah, so it's a pretty hard thing to get away from.

S: Yeah, plus my husband smokes.

P: What do you think if anything can be done to keep young kids from starting to smoke?

S: What can be done?

P: Yeah.

S: To stop them from smoking...

P: Or stop them from starting smoking.

S: I have no idea, honestly. (pauses to think and giggles) I'm sure everyone would like to hear the answer to that, I don't have it. I couldn't think of one thing. I think kids are curious, that is why they try it to begin with, or they see people smoking that they live with, you know, like their moms and dads and stuff. Like my mom was a smoker. So, I don't know, maybe that had something to do with it. So, I guess not being around it would probably help. But, I don't know.

P: Okay. Tell me more about Shane Enterprises.

S: That is my production company, and right now we do Shane's World, Slumber Party and Pornological. We are starting on a few new lines now, so we are going to be doing some fetish stuff, which is kinda cool. And that's pretty much it. Shane Enterprises was the first company to go condoms only. We were the first ones to require condoms on the set, so that's kinda cool. Let's see, what else do you wanna know about it?

P: Most of the films, you're not in, right? You just produce them?

S: Uh, yeah. Pornological I just produce, I'm not in it at all, pretty much. Slumber Party and Shane's World, I'm in, and you'll probably see me running around naked or something, but I don't do sex scenes anymore.

P: Because of being married?

S: That and HIV, and all the risks now. I wanna have kids, and I don't wanna have to worry about that stuff.

P: Yeah, it's definitely scary out there.

S: Yeah, it's getting pretty bad, and I've seen the way that the industry has reacted to HIV entering our industry and just the way people have been so stupid about it. I think that if people are having sex for a living and they are so fucking stupid about it, then I can't imagine how the general public is. So that really scares me. So, that another reason too why I wanted to go condoms only, because my videos are kinda geared towards the younger generation. Well, you know the horny man will watch anything as long as there is good sex in it, but I try to gear it towards the... there are a lot, a lot of young people out there that watch porn. So, it's geared toward the young people which is why I always talk about safe sex, and getting tested for Aids, and using condoms. We always try to talk about good positive things. We're not the company that slaps you on the ass and tells you "you're a cunt". (giggles) We're a little bit different.

P: Yeah, it takes all kinds.

S: I guess so.

P: Yeah, definitely. I just did an interview with Asia Carrera, and she was saying that she also was retiring because of the threat of AIDS, and her being scared of that. So, yeah, it's definitely affecting a lot of people.

S: Oh, yeah.

P: What type of music are you into?

S: I'm into all types of music. Right now I'm into Orgy, that's my husband's band.

P: Oh, okay. What type of music is that?

S: It's still undetermined as how to categorize that music. They call it "death pop", or "scary pop." What do you call it baby? (Shane asks her husband who is near her) It's kinda poppy, but it's NINy sounding. They are going on the Family Values tour, which is Korn, Limp Biskit, Ice Cube, and they are in with all that stuff.

P: Oh, then they'll definitely get exposure then.

S: Oh yeah, they are getting rad exposure. We just heard them on K-Rock last night. We were so excited. That's our station out here, so I've been waiting to hear it. I heard it yesterday. I was like, "Oh right! Baby, come upstairs and let me give you a blowjob."

(We both laugh.)

S: But NIN is my favorite, besides Orgy.

P: I'm a big fan of Carol Cox and her web page. I saw that you and her are friends.

S: Who?

P: Carol Cox, Wild Rose.

S: Oh, Carol Cox. Okay.

P: What is she like in real life?

S: She's really, really sweet. I've only met her a couple of times. She was rad, I had a really good time with her. Within fifteen minutes of meeting her we were doing body shots on top of the bar. (giggles) She's really cool though.

P: So, she's pretty wild in real life too.

S: Yeah, she really is. She's cool. I like her.

P: Are your parents supportive of your decision to do pornography?

S: My dad's really supportive. Ummm, he always has been. He's been really, really good about it. My mother, ummmm, no, but as a mother I'm sure she wants something else for me. I've been in the business almost seven years now so she pretty much has accepted it, and we'll talk about it. She knows I'm OK. So, she's all right. But I know she is just waiting for the day I get out of this industry. But overall everyone's pretty fine with it. The only people I didn't want to find out what I did were my grandparents, because I figured it would put my grandfather in his grave, literally. They are the only people, anyone else, I don't care if they know what I do for a living. If they want to judge me for it, let them judge me for it. I don't really care. My grandpa I worried about, but I guess they know. Because my Grandma just asked me the other day, because she always asks me, "What is it exactly that you do?", and I always say something to hold her off like, "Oh Gram you don't wanna know" or other kinds of stuff or I'll just say something silly. But the other day she was like, "Are you still in that porno business?" And I was like, "Oh my god, well yes. But it's okay Gramm, I'm a good-guy."

P: "I'm one of the good people."

S: (Giggles) Oh boy.

P: But, your family though is pretty cool with it.

S: Yeah. They are pretty cool with it.

P: That's good. Have you ever received any negativity because of your decision?

S: Um, no. Not really, like even meeting people like out on the street and stuff, and all or my experiences when I go on signings have always been really positive. The only negativity that comes to mind is that I can't adopt children because of what I do for a living. Which I think is really fucked up. I'd make a great mom, but because of what I do for a living I'd never be able to adopt. So, that's really the only negativity I can think of.

P: You do want to have children though. Do you plan on telling them about your history with porn?

S: Oh yeah, I'm gonna be up front with my kids, I'm not gonna hide anything from them. Hiding things like that from them would be like lying to them. I wanna always have an open relationship with my kids so hopefully I'll get the same back. Yeah, I'm gonna tell them.

P: Would you tell your son or daughter to try and abstain from sex until marriage, or as long as possible?

S: Well I think that... well for example, if I had a daughter... um, well that's impossible to answer, because every person is an individual, and obviously I don't know my daughter yet. So, I guess I would sit down and talk to her about it, and I wouldn't want her going out and having sex at a young age. I don't think I'd be the type if mother to tell her she has to wait until she is married. I mean if she wanted to, I think that that's great and I would totally support her in that to, but I think that whatever her decision would be I would just make sure she was OK, and safe, and OK with her decision. I guess.

P: Yeah, that's great, that's definitely good. You have to talk to your children and let them know.

S: Actually what I wanna do is, I wanna make a video for parents for how to talk to their kids about sex and drugs and stuff. What I've been watching on TV, on the news and on talk shows is that all these teenage kids are having unprotected sex and they are pregnant at the age of fifteen. Their parents don't know how to talk to them. I don't know, it's horrible... it's not good. I have a little sister who is sixteen, and I talk to her all the time. I know for a fact that that girl will never have sex without a condom, and neither will her friends. I mean, she even talks to all her friends about the importance of safe sex.

P: That's great.

S: Yeah, it's really awesome.

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