I am heterosexual man but I would like to try anal play (dildos, plugs and all that stuff) but enema was really uncomfortable for me painful even and after I done it I wore a butt plug for 30 minutes and then I tried to use dildo but it was really painful and impossible to penetrate I even bled blood (bright red color) can someone help me?
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Hi Anonymous,

It sounds like you are working on a training plan? Don't treat it like a trip to the gym - "no pain no gain" does not apply anal sex.

Many people experience mild spotting or bleeding with anal play from from unknown factors, like dilated veins, anal tears (fissures) or even anal warts but if insertion is painful you could be forcing the issue. 

Take it slow and make sure you start with a a toy size that's appropriate for your experience level and don't worry about timing your insertions. This isn't the amazing race.

Are you using a good lubricant? Fantastic. USE MORE. 

Enemas are a great way to pre-clean before sex, but proceed with caution. They're also a great way to to damage up your pipes

Use warm or lukewarm water and avoid the temptation to turn the shower setting on "high"  because sudden, strong pressure can injure the rectum.

Finally, please do give yourself a chance to heal up before embarking on the next adventure!
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