My girlfriend and I were on vacation recently and during a wild episode she grabbed a rabbit vibrator while we were in a 69 position. Now she has played with my ass before but not like this. She started using the tip of it on me and it felt good. I couldnt tell exactly what she was doing but wasnt complaining. I felt like she was pushing it in when she turned on the rabbit part of it. Now I have had my prostate out from cancer and not sure how that would affect the feeling but it was getting better all the time. I really started going crazy and she told me later it was when she had it in so that the rabbit part was vibrating on my balls. The she took me in her mouth while it was still in me and I thought I was going to go crazy. When I came with that in my ass and my dick in her mouth , I had the most intense orgasm I've ever had. If someone was in the motel room next tous at the time they probably thought someone was killing me ! Just thought ld share . Some guys might think I was nuts for letting her do it but wow !  What a time. And yes, I made sure she came 3 times that same session. I may not have all everyone else has since surgery but can make other ways work very well .
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Tabu Toypro
Good going! Toys can be a wonderful addition to your sex life. Sounds like you are getting along fine after surgery - and glad to hear your lady is helping Please continue to share with us!
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Hank Alvarez
You just found what I have been preaching for months, a variation of the wonder of the finger wave. Isn't it great?Hank
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Sounds like fun...Myself and my partner both enjoy toys together, anal is great
toys toys toys!!!
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it is great..
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