I'm beginner,
Do you like Bottoms Up Three Way Waterproof Vibrating Butt Blaster?

Do you like Rump Shakers Medium Vibrating Butt Plug Pink Pearl 5.5 in.

Do you like Orgasm Pacifier Waterproof Vibrating Butt Plug Purple

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You should link to the product page. Are you a beginner to anal play, period? Or do you have experience with anal sex? It makes a difference with the size of toy you can handle.

The second is your basic shape and would probably work well but I worry that it says "medium" if you've had no experience
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Hank Alvarez
Check in the "rants and raves" and let us be your "test group." We spent a lot of money and time over the years on stuff that was nothing more than a frustrating disappointment. That's what I like about the Forum. We try this stuff and if  it isn't what they claim we'll tell each other and save you the trouble. Hank
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thanks for the info.
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