Ok so I am 21 and my hubby is 21. When we first got together he was a virgin but seemed very inetersted in sex and we had sex at least once a week or at least once every two weeks. He was like this up until I had my daughter and now I cant even get it at all barely. I mean it is like once every 2-3 months if even that. I am a nympho and love sex ALOT but he seems to not be interested in it at all....but he watches porn EVERY night but he doesnt jack off while he does it. But we had a threesome one time and he really got into that and we had sex 3days in a row while the other girl was there.....Is he getting tired of me or what...I dunno and when I ask him he just says that he isnt into sex at all.....can anyone give some advice. 
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Tabu Toypro
Hi Demonchild,

He's definitely into sex if he watches porn every night. Sounds like he has grown too comfortable with your relationship and now you're more like friends than lovers.

The 3-way was obviously a high point for him, but having a 3rd person enter your relationship probably isn't a good idea to get him to notice YOU again. Are other aspects of your relationship smooth? Are there money problems or other stress-related issues? You're both young parents, and often times the pressures of raising a child will kill the libido.

My suggestion is talk it out. Let him know that you have a serious sexual desire and that it is putting a real strain on your happiness. What is it about watching porn that he prefers over the real thing?!

Have you tried to introduce anything new to the relationship, such as dressing up, fantasy play or sex toys? Not that you should be doing the work, but if he sees that you are interested in maintaining a healthy sexual relationship maybe he'll realize you want it with him.

Good luck!
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