His Wife
Hello, my husband and I have been together for a while now and the sex is kind of the same thing over and over again.  I love him to death, but Im a little bored.  I would love to buy some toys or somthing, but he is a very shy person, so i don't want him to freak out.  I would like to buy toys that pleasure both of us.....any suggestions?
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I saw this post and a thousand thoughts jumped in my head...vibrators...dildos...but then a case of reality set in. Not knowing you or your husband, I offer the following suggestions:
Lingerie - Do you have any? Do you have anything new? Do you wear what you have often? Being a very visually stimulated kind of guy, I love it when my wife wears something sexy...
Porn - Is you hubby shy all the time or just in public? Watch a movie together. If you see something 'interesting', tell him "I'd like to try that!"
Love notes - Leave notes for him around the house...tell him what you what like to do...what you would like him to do to you.
Getting into a sex rut is a terrible thing. Maybe you need to get the wheels turning. Try cooking a special dinner for the two of you. You plan the menu, set the mood, and dont tell him what you are doing until its too late for him to back out.
It doesnt always have to be about 'toys' to change our sex lives...
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Jamie Menez
Try the Lilo range I think they are called...... really classt stuff.. smooth to touch. google it....
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Hank Alvarez
We bought a book at Barnes and Noble, something about 365 things to do in bed; one for each day and it got us out of a rut. Try it you might like it. You might even see if they have it here.This was a few years ago. Hank
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Tabu Toypro
Jamie Menez wrote:

Try the Lilo range I think they are called...... really classt stuff.. smooth to touch. google it....

We'd prefer you search for Lelo toys here at tabutoys.com instead of doing a google search. Here is a direct link to all the LELO products we carry.
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P Gell
His Wife, he may be shy, but you can try.

I have a confession to make, believe it or not, when my man brought home our first sex toy, after many years of being together, I freaked out. He had asked me if I wanted one, and I thought, "I like skin, he's just being gross." (OK, it was a while ago, although sex was great, I was maybe as not as Sex Positive or Sexually Aware as I could be.)

He bought a vibe anyway, and one night, (while we were starting to mess around) put the damn thing IN MY HAND! (BTW, not the way I would suggest introducing it.) I threw it at him, with some choice words, and went downstairs to cry alone. He apologized, and I wondered what was wrong with both of us.

As the weeks went by I KNEW that vibe was in his drawer. And I was thinking about it. And although it was something I had fantasized about, he hadn't introduced it properly. Finally, one night, I was having a rough time cumming and I said, "What the hell. Grab that thing and let's see what happens." It was really FUN. I didn't want it turned on that time to vibrate, I still came, and we decided to lay down some parameters for sex toys. (I later learned that I really liked the vibration, but had to learn that, like I learned how to orgasm MANY years earlier by myself and then show him.)

Our parameters (I don't want to say rules.)

1) NO latex (I'm allergic) and no "cheap" toys with softeners which could be carcinagenic (like jelly rubber toys, cheap, but really unhealthy for your body.)
2) "Skin Only" sex at least some of the time (I didn't want to become too dependent on the thing, and I haven't.)
3) That's about it.

Since then the original developed a separation in the seam (and I learned that the funky smell it gave off, like a shower curtain, was due to plastic softeners, and outgassing of nasty elements of cheap vinyl, which are not good for you) we have bought a small number of new toys to add to our collection, a new expensive silicone vibe, a G Spot vibe, a hand held "mix master" (the Wahl 7 in1), which can be used for sex and/or massages, a nice antibacterial storage bag, some beads and a collection of interesting lubes. I'm currently in the market for a Bullet (must be VERY strong and VERY quiet) for travel and privacy and maybe some "learner" soft Velcro closure handcuffs.

TALK TO HIM and see what he would like to do. He may not see the sex as monotonous. But, he needs to know you need more of a spark. And novelty adds a spark. I know it has been very important to our marriage to keep that spark with sexual novelty.

I wouldn't just go out and buy a toy (unless it will be for your personal private use, and that really is up to you) take him to some of the more interesting sex toy shops on line, like the related Tabutoys.com here. My man bought our first one at a "dirty video store" and when I started looking online for more women friendly places, he was astounded at the variety, and very very turned on. Show him some of the sites and he may become very intrigued.

Also a nice collection of porn can help immensely. As a younger woman, a bit brain washed to think it was "misogynist" but now I think it's just fun, as well as "medicinal" to our sex life as I have learned to take myself less seriously.
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I suggest starting small, as not to freak him out, then moving on up.  You shouldn't expect to try the kinkier dildo's, vibrators, etc until you have grown accustomed to using other things in bed.  Also, this will give you something to work towards meaning more sex!

By small, I would say stuff like, flavored lubricants you can use these on each other, and it will help to begin releasing inhibitions.  I would also suggest the more playful and fun types of condoms which is a great opener for sex toy's later on.   Also try sex pillows to allow for deeper penetration and unique positions.

In addition to the above, you can try bringing roleplay into your sex lives.  Start small and simple then if you both enjoy it, work your way up. 
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My question for you is what do YOU want to try? If you're interested in possibly having some kinky sex, there's small ways to hint at it without scaring him. If you want to incorporate toys, I'd recommend starting with a cock ring or something of that sort (so it doesn't make him feel like he's being "replaced". A vibrating one is usually pretty nice, though.

But for getting out of the sex rut, I'd actually recommend just doing some out-of-the-ordinary things. Put on an apron (just an apron) and being "cooking" something in the kitchen when he sees you. Sex on the kitchen counters (not the stove, PLEASE not the stove) can be very erotic. Surprise him when he's taking a shower (they have great shower accessories here at TabuToys) and join him in it. (When he's not in a hurry is best.) Find a porn that you know he likes and just "happen" to be watching it when he comes in. (Not a good idea if he's against porn.)
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Nice one on the apron, Mistress.
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